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Download a recording of the Renegades' performance or a recording of the massed hornline playing America the Beautiful!!!

Act 1

A very entertaining opening act, the Chabot Panhandlers Steel Drum Band brought calypso to the Yerba Buena Center.

San Jose Raiders Dance performed three times throughout the evening to music entitled Moondance, Groove, and Spain.

2002 "Seven Award" winner Blue Devils C has over 60 members this year.

Fever Corps show "Out of Nowhere" is depictive of the corps itself. This Division II group from Modesto had its debut at LMS4 with over 80 members. (Did I mention the corps director is ex-Renegade Drum Major Lewie Wilhelm?)

"The Elements" is the title of River City Regiment's 2003 production. Back for a second year, this corps shows strong growth.

Possibly the most talked about group of the night, Eddie the Rat intrigued the audience with their unique blend of harmon trumpet, guitar, gamelan, bongo, finger cymbal, business man, and bunny ears.

Act 1