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Download a recording of the Renegades' performance or a recording of the massed hornline playing America the Beautiful!!!

Act 2

Wearing loud shirts (loud is good) and playing latin jazz favorites, SoCal Dream brothers to the south gave the crowd a taste of Malaga.

The Renegades ended the second act with volume and intensity with the 2003 opener Toccata/Halloween/Russian Christmas Music/Ave Maria as well as shaking the house with "The Matrix."

The finale consisted of all the horn players from the evening surrounding the audience and playing America the Beautiful.

Above: Gamelan Anak Swarsanti from Santa Cruz opened Act 2. Their Balinese based music featured classical gamelan instruments including chimes, gongs and drums.

Left: Scott Hartman (loudest solo instrument of the night) depicts an air raid with a work for solo horn.

Led by Renegade Mellophone Paul Olson, the Stewart Tartan Pipes and Drums filled the room with Scottish sounds...and it was loud!

A highlight of the evening was the performance of Appalachian Spring by the Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni Guard. They brought tears to the eyes of SCV Alumni with their theatrical memories of the tradition that is only Santa Clara Vanguard.

Soprano Genius and Front Line Houseguest Rich Duarte showing his skill in "The Matrix."

Proud parents: Doug and Kyle Peterson with Mike and Marshal Andrews in the boys' drum corps debut.

Act 2