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CorpsIMPACT 2003

While the rest of the corps was tearing it up at the Loud Music Symposium, CorpsImpact was on the road in Orlando. Although we missed being with the full corps, we had three great performances. Mambo was used to open the show, followed by In the Stone. Our second performance was a moving rendition of America the Beautiful to introduce the keynote speech by Mayor Rudy Giuliani. We finished the show with a parade of In the Stone, which led the audience out the door.We think this marks the first time a drum corps has performed on two coasts at once.


Artistic Director Chris Nalls warms up before the show.

Lead Sops

Soprano Legend Larrie Dastrup and 2002 Renegade soloist (and current North Texas State student) Dave Richards rejoined the group for this gig.


Jeff and Christian demonstrate the Renegades patented PolyBugle Technology.

Robin warms up.

This was a tough gig - long hours of rehearsal and three performances during the day. But through it all, Christian Minervini looks great!


Vocal percussionist Matthew Selby after too many Toaster Strudels.

Mike warms up

Mike Bertram warms up at the ungodly hour of 6:30am (that's 3:30am on OUR body clocks) for our first performance.

Kimela waits

Kimela is aglow after meeting Rudy Giuliani.

3 hour break in pool

Mike, Jeff, Ezekiel, Christian, JJ, Kimela and Francesca cool off between performances.

Hubba hubba

Kimela and Francesca made some new friends...

General Mills

General Mills pulled out the stops for this event. In addition to CorpsImpact, the show featured acrobats, strong men and Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Stuck in a room.

Waiting in the Green Room (which was actually yellow) to perform.

Rich scarfs

Trix are for kids!

Dave scarfs

Dave scarfs a magically delicious treat.

Kimela doesn't scarf

Kimela chooses her favorite breakfast.

Larry Scarfs

Larrie does his best Count Chocula imitation.


Our producer Michael was very pleased with the corps.

The ladies of minicorps

Even with lots of hard work, there was still a bit of pool time!

Rich sleeps

After a long weekend, ContraStud Rich Skare takes a well earned break.

"Wow - great job, folks!"
--Rudy Giuliani
Happy Rich

Rich enjoys a sugar high from the plethora of delicious General Mills products that were left in our ready room. Later, we found out that they were intended for a skit during the opening ceremonies! Opps.

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