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June 17 - 24, 2003. CorpsImpact played for over 14,000 McDonald's managers in three great performances at Mandalay Bay resort, which has been dubbed the headquarters of the "MoneyCorps". New cast members enjoyed the performing as well as their adventures in Las Vegas.

Choreographer JJ Villar shows off the Golden Arches flag.

Live onstage - Twisting and Shouting!

The lovely Radhia strikes a pose on the HUGE McDonalds stage, complete with game show set, rolling platforms and hundreds of cool lighting effects.

OT works on his moves for the group's new number - Twist and Shout.

Thousands of McDonalds Managers got more than a great show - they were trained on everything from customer service to how to keep their restrooms clean.

Chris Nalls shows off the new CorpsImpact uniforms, which come in red and black.

The "Ringers" for this gig: Dave Richards, Niel Levonius, Steve Bornstein, Joey Pero, Roland Garceau, Alex Valcazar, Kurt Lohmiller and Dan Singletary.

"What a great show - everybody LOVED you guys."
--Mike Roberts
President of McDonalds USA


The 2004 Renegades?!?

Backstage with the boys!


Featured Soloist Richard Skare works the crowd.

Rich, Grimace and Greg in the Green Room.

Rehearsing the closer, the guys pump up the volume!!

The full cast of CorpsImpact. Front Row: Ezekiel, JJ, Radhia, Chris. Second Row: Steve, Kurt, Christian, Rich, Roland, Dave. Third Row: Vic, Scott, OT, Dan, Niel, Alex, Joey and Greg.

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