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It wasn't all work this time around. The group enjoyed many adventures in Las Vegas. Highlights included partying with Jeff Garcia (quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers), winning at the tables (one member ended up winning over $800), hanging by the pool, and of course, the Amazing Whiffer.

That Grimace can really blow!

Steve and Joey duel it out to see who will play the solo in Mambo.

A new preshow hype - Whiffing the mouthpiece of fellow performers.

"This is off the hook - as good as any rock and roll tour I've been on!"

--Kurt Lohmiller

Greg, Kurt, Steve, Dave, Niel, Dan and Alex on their way to the pool.

Dan, Dave and Rich enjoy the ambience of a poolside watering hole.

The ballrooms at Mandalay Bay are big enough for a drum corps show. Sounds like a good idea!

Roland is an expert instrument repairman. Here he is trying to fix Rich's Contra, which was crushed by the baggage gorillas of Southwest Airlines.

Catered lunch in the Green Room.

Kurt Lohmiller (former SCV Mello soloist and trumpet player for Green Day) shows us his art.

Christian Minervini relaxing between gigs.

Greg's room is always the place to be. Nice view of the pool - voted best in Vegas!

The Amazing Adventures of Alex Valcazar


Alex is a fireman...

His charming demeanor and muscular physique...


With an incredible gift...

There is no woman who can resist...

Noone is immune...


Christian enjoys a sandwich with some furry legged friends.

Grimace takes a warmdown after blasting some double C's

Radhia and the Elvii

After living out of a suitcase for over a week, we said goodbye for now to our home away from home, the Mandalay Bay Resort.

Photos by Greg Gilman, Niel Levonius, Chris Nalls, assorted passersby and Elvis.

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