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Opening the visual show with a crabwalk at 200 beats per minute set the tone for the high energy show to follow. Enjoy these pictures of the Renegades' debut weekend and don't miss the video. The corps is looking forward to more shows in California, and to their trip to DCA for the 2003 Championships.

Steve Proud, the Mayor of Treasure Island, cranks it up on Euphonium.

Misty solos in the guard's gorgeous new uniforms.

Richard G has made the move from the hornline to the Anti-Pit, where he is the Lord of the Kettle Drums.

Adam Wilke, stolen from the color guard two years ago due to his uncanny ability to scream Double C's, lights one up!

Captain Morgan, leader of the Contra section and pilot of the infamous Contrabego.

Partial shot of the snare line. The percussion section improved dramatically from Saturday to Sunday - shooting up 5 points!

The talented Al - guard guru and souvie specialist.

Rachel 'Trinity' Grunsky prepares to start the show.

She gets an appreciative gasp when she removes the trench coat.

Lizz leads the French Horns across the field

Now THAT'S a cymbal visual!!

Rebel Soloist Rich Duarte - featured on Solo Sop and Drumset.

The Tenors show percussion judge Allan Kristensen their moves.

Baritone Section Leader and head of the Blue Devil Alumni association, Jeff DeMello.

The Brass section enters the field for competition. We still have a couple of openings for Soprano players - don't miss your chance to be a part of the most daring and innovative drum corps on the field.

Meet the Hornline on Page Two or view the video!