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Meet the Hornline:
(except those bashful 3rd Baritones and Contras)

Lead Baritones: Lynn Kulikowski, Rob Williams, Kimela Hilleary, Greg Gilman, Christian Minervini, Joe Wilt, Tony Pon and Jeff DeMello

French Horns: Breht Napoli, Paul Olson, Lizz Ketterer and Len Kawamoto.

Second Sopranos: Patrick Reynolds, Steve Greene, Jed Roach, Chris Clavejo and Rick Chavoya.

Power Alley II: Mejia Reese, Brian Haslanger, Josh Blair, Anne Bragstad, Dave Monachello, Mike Bertram, Jon "Batman" Reynolds and Munson Chan.

Second Baritones: Todd Oliver, Dan Day, Randy Young, Tony Minnear and Steve Powers.

Lead Sopranos: Dave Emmond, Jeff Helms, Julio Matos, Bob Portolos, Derek Brodie, Doug Peterson, James Jackson, Rich Duarte, Greg Potter, Adam Wilke.

Third Sopranos: Adam Wilke, Carol Smith, Mike Andrews, Ben Ronick, Nanci McFarland and Zion.

Lined up for retreat. 8 Division I corps in California - it's been a while!


The Anti-Pit at Treasure Island.

Abby and her gun get ready for a run-through.


The Renegades' favorite corps!

We love the Troopers!

Photos by Francesca Colombini, Greg Gilman and Scott Grove.

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