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The Renegades took their show on the road to bring their 2003 production, Red Skies at Night: Midnight in the Stadium of Good and Evil to Southern California audiences. The weekend also marked the first time in 65 years that three senior corps have competed in California.

San Diego, CA
July 12, 2003
64.60 - Renegades
59.30 - SoCal Dream
57.10 - River City Regiment

West Covina,CA
July 12, 2003
65.55 - Renegades
58.85 - SoCal Dream
58.50 - River City Regiment


Bring it home, Alisha!

These Renegades mean business.

Baritone Lynn Kulikowski makes her own judge's tape.

The San Diego show featured a two mile hike to the stadium.

Guard member Hayley Tournquist looking good at the end of the show.

The Tenor line has become a world class section.

"If you have not seen them yet, oh my God! GO!!!!!"

--Ryan Turner


Betsy raising money for tour.

Mallet Maestro Calvin Carr fronting the Anti-Pit.

The color guard troops the stands.

Jim McFarland preps the low brass for the West Covina show.

Mejia and her Megaphone.

Eric Liggett appears to be marching in fog - but it is only the lovely West Covina smog.

Snares in bullet time...this effect wows the crowd every time!

    Photo contributor: Francesca Colombini