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Not since the 1930's have three California Senior corps squared off in championship competition. July 19th and 20th saw the West Coast Senior corps going at it for the title of Best in the West. When the dust settled, the Renegades had pulled off their fourth West Coast Championship, winning the Western Cup. River City Regiment took the silver and SoCal Dream the bronze in what everyone agreed was a weekend to remember.

Listen to an mp3 of the Renegades' championship performance.

The Block of Death.

The brass and guard are featured to open the show with the classic melody from Bach's Tocatta and Fugue.

Ave Maria is highlighted by featured dancers.

Snare line jams in the Matrix.

Trinity gets ready for business.

Trooping the stands in Fremont.

"Renegades...they truly have what I like about drum corps: face shattering sound."
- Nick Markley

The hornline gets ready to step off into Halloween - a kaleidescope of color and sound at 200 beats per minute.


The lovely Mistress Kelli, drum major of the River City Regiment.

Mike Phillips - president of River City Regiment and a driving force behind the senior corps movement in California.


Sam Signorelli - hype monster drum major of SoCal Dream.

19 contras provided a great low end for a massed brass playing of America the Beautiful.

SoCal Dream travelled north to join us for both shows - and they are great!

River City Regiment in action.

SoCal Dream heats it up.


Jeff DeMello shows off the Western Cup, currently property of the Renegades.

While the corps was practicing in 110 degree weather, guard staffers Kathy Pearson and Julie Liedtke discovered a cache of cheerleader uniforms, which they could not pass up. Their performance kept us laughing all day.

The guard beats the heat in the gym.

Zach sports the most controversial T-shirt in Drum Corps.

Guru Jim tunes up the big guys.


Christian Minervini hydrates in preparation for his cover shoot for Seventeen magazine.

Al Cunningham, superstar.

Stretch out or Bullet time?

The hornline attempts ballet.

"Ok...yes...WOW!! You guys are so cool!"
- Diane Wyant, Music Effect

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Listen to an mp3 of the Renegades' championship performance.