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On the lush grounds of Casa de Gilman, site of the Renegades Corps Hall, three corps got together for quite a bash...

Special guest appearances by Jesus and Dr. Evil.

Souvie Al and the amazing Glow Sticks.

3rd bari Betsy Johnson - looking good in a slinky black number.

The grounds were furnished!!

Our host Greg Gilman poses with fellow bari Dan Day.

Mmmmm, Cupcakes.

Al is not saying where the money came from.

Drum Majors Toast.

Drum Majors Toasted!

A grand time was had by all.

Jon 'Batman' Reynolds shows some love for America's Corps.

The party featured the debut of a documentary about the 2002 Renegades by filmmaker Jay Lee.

Something in your eye?

Steve Proud and Lesa Barker compare notes on Steve's grand entrance.




Lesa announces her new non-profit.

Josh tells a tall tale.

7 bags of empties were all that remained...


Mistress Kelli and a devoted slave.

A never ending game of Cups.

What party would be complete without Rich Skare falling asleep!

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Listen to an mp3 of the Renegades' championship performance.

Photo contributors: Brian Haslanger, David Emmond and Greg Gilman