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DCA 2003 Media:
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DCA Newsletter
The 2003 Renegades went to DCA to perform their show at the highest possible level and to have a great time with all of the great people and events that make up the DCA Weekend. From day one, it was a blur of rehearsals, performances and parties. After the weekend was over, the Renegades looked back on a weekend that included a fourth-place finish in prelims, the debut of Crunchy Frog, 27 gold medals at I&E, including the coveted Minicorps championship and a finals penalty that pulled the corps down to a 6th place finish for the year. Not to mention all the great people we met and spent time with.

Enjoy pictures, audio and video of the weekend. If you like what you see, think about joining us for the 2004 season.

There's LOUD, there's INTENSE,
and then there's RENEGADES!!
--Jim Wagner

The infamous "Block of Death" in Halloween looked great for prelims.

The SEVEN - our snare line.

The Megaphones were a big hit.

At retreat with the Renegades. Yes, Dave is wearing a pink fuzzy boa. No, this is not part of the Renegades 2004 uniform.

The corps hits the push in Russian Christmas music.

The guard is truly a highlight of the Renegades' show - hard corps!!

Halloween by John Carpenter and Ed Teleky. Evil at 200 beats per minute.

After Renegades performance Sunday nite, Mrs. C turns to me and says "Ya have a cigarette?" (she doesn't smoke). So I says, why???? She says..."Cause I just had a corpsgasm"
- Jim C


The definitive one minute warmup - Rhadost FX.

Basses provided a thumping bottom in Spybreak (from the Matrix).


Mistress Kelli, player of legos and rider of the CymbalCycle™

"We've all seen comments about DCI corps that "push the envelope". This year's SF Renegades pushed it in a different direction. It's nice to see and hear a corps willing to go out of their way to give the status quo a "dolt slap" once in a while."

Larry Girard

Jay Murphy's incredible, flowing drill was a big part of Renegades 2003 success.

Drumline crabbing at 200 bpm to start the show.

Ave Maria, by Franz Biebl and Gerry Kelsey. Makes 'em cry every time.

Full corps retreat is a great part of the DCA experience.


Two time minicorps champs Joe Wilt and Tony Pon.

Lead Sops - hanging out instead of hanging over!

Baritone power houses Steve, Betsy, Rick and Anthony.

Can we go now?


Brigadiers played and emotional tribute to Empire Statesmen director Vince Bruni, who died early in the morning before prelims.

The guard learns that retreat is a time for meeting new folks and reminiscing about the season just ended.

Kimela, Lynn and Greg ham it up.

Renegades Contras - best in show for the second year. Low is GOOD!

"Renegades loud is good and clean and musical. To all those that say you can't play loud and in tune get a copy of the Renegades show. WOW... Can't wait to see what they come up with next year."

Bridgemen 69-76

Our champion contra line were giving out autographs and posing for pictures until long after the show. They retired to the Contrabego for refreshments soon after this shot.

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