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The Renegades are a tight-knit group.

The Sopranos. Drama, talent, guts and glory.

The guard doubled in size and tripled in excellence under the outstanding instruction of Kathy Pearson, Carol Abohatab, Julie Liedtke and Mark Metzger.

The Mellophones and French Horns - we are the only competitive drum corps with a French Horn section - and they sound great!

Baritones. The meat of the corps.

Chris and Lee talk to the corps during the emotional member patch ceremony on the day of Finals.

Julie Liedtke and Chris Nalls hand out Member patches to the color guard.


Our French Horn section has the best rehearsal technique in the corps. And they can really play!

Lisa Meesa enters her limo.

Percussion Superstar Murray Gusseck - arranger and set drummer for the Minicorps.

Rebel Soloist and set drummer Rich Duarte stares out at us from the 2003 Soprano Member Shirt.

"I think that the Renegades are the best 'product' in either association (DCI or DCA). They have made a major contribution to the entertainment end of the business while loosening some sphincters along the way."

--Wayne Ford

Chris outlines the schedule for Finals Day. "All you need to know is when to get on the bus and when to kick ass!"

Contrabass individuals Champion Rich Atcheson plays his solo for the corps.

The Hanover Area Band played their show for us. The young man on the left looks as if he is being devoured by bass drums.

Betsy brings a bit of home on the road.

Our greatest fans, the McClinticks!

Jed and Christian look like most of the corps members after a great weekend..


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