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One of the best parts of the DCA experience is the Individual and Ensemble competition. This year, the Renegades won 27 medals and fielded one of the most controversial ensembles ever, the infamous Crunchy Frog. Made up of members from many of the corps competing at DCA, Crunchy Frog was a great time for all involved.

Becky poses with Crunchy Frog founder and Evil Mastermind Lee Rudnicki.

The Cup Game.

The infamous El Guapo takes the stage.

Randy Young preps for the show.

Diane Bledsoe looks ravishing in red.

Who is that masked man?

Kanika is ready to perform!



...No comment!

Batman's leg and the Frogettes.

The women of the Renegades Brass section - Mejia, Francesca, Betsy, Nanci, Carol, Lynn, Adrienne and Kimela.

Dan Day is exultant at meeting the Giant Chicken.

The Renegades Visual Staff (James Jackson, Dave Leon, Dave Watrous and Marlan Smith). We're so proud.

The Carolina Gold contingent with their 'instruments'

A Giant Chicken was the star of the show.

Jessica Sia - the lovely French Maid.

I have no idea.

Representing San Francisco's Drag Community, the lovely Marlina!

Mejia Reese - the Cheerleader from Hell

Alisha, Diane and Kanika before the Frog takes the Field.

Bill 'the Bunny' Gallimore - work it!!

Francesca - choking the chicken.

Mav gets into the spirit!

Lizz Ketterer, aka the Lady in Red, is serenaded by Randy Young - note her expression of pain.

A giant chicken comes to her rescue!

As the Giant Chicken bids us adieu, don't forget to check out the video, audio and slide shows! And buy a dvd or a T-shirt!

"If the Renegades can revitalize my 13 year old daughter's interest in music, and hook new fans to drum corps for life, that's all that matters. Hats off to a most excellent and entertaining show that puts the COOL back in drum corps. DCI should take heed and have every junior corps director watch a live performance of the Renegades."
- Rick Beckham

  There was much more to the Renegades' I&E than the Frog - our Cymbal ensemble and minicorps were crowned champions along with Contra soloist Rich Acheson and Cymbal soloist Anthony Aranda. In color guard, Todd and Veronica challenged us all with their provocative routine, and staffer Frank Dorittie was tops on the Tenor Horn!

The Renegades' Cymbal ensemble, E.V.I.L., makes a grand entrance.

Irina and Stuart play a duet.

The Minicorps wails during an encore performance of Channel One Suite.


The Renegades Bass line placed fourth in Percussion ensemble.

Contrabass Champion Rich Atcheson.

The Minicorps featured Rich Duarte on Soprano.

"Wow. To put on two awesome shows (prelims and Minicorps) in one day is nothing short of amazing. Renegades Rule!!"
- David R.

  The 2003 DCA Champion Minicorps
--Channel One Suite--
  Front Row: Anne Bragstad, Kimela Hilleary*, Len Kawamoto*, Tony Pon*, Chris Minervini*, Julio Matos. Middle Row: Rich Duarte*, Derek Brodie*, Doug Peterson*, Lewie Wilhelm*, Marvin Panganabian*, Francesca Colombini, Mike Bertram*, Dave Watrous. Back Row: Chris Nalls*, Murray Gusseck, Brian Haslanger, Rich Skare*, Joe Wilt*, Greg Gilman*, Jeff DeMello*

*Original Member 2001 DCA Champion Minicorps


ContraBuddy Tats is always ready with a beer and a smile.

Lisa Johnson models the latest in support hose. Lisa sprained her ankle, but was able to perform with the corps at Finals.

Read her touching, though somewhat bizarre, re-cap of the DCA weekend.

NEVER fall asleep at a Renegades party...


The crowd enjoys the minicorps' performance.

The paparazzi strike!

Chris Nalls (love the hair) is interviewed by the lovely and talented Lesa Barker.

Pennsylvania's finest were vigilant. Too vigilant!

...Right, Danny?

  Photos by these generous folks: Francesca Colombini, Marlan Hopper, Dave Watrous, Anthony Bernal, Brian Haslanger and Greg Gilman.


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