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November Camp. The place where it all begins. Over 60 brass made their way through eight minutes of music, with time off for basics with visual guru Dave Watrous and his staff of evil geniuses. The drum line was treated to two days with percussion superstaffers Scott Johnson, Dave DiLullo, Kent Cater, Paul Marr and Lee Rudnicki. The pit spent time learning from Ed Teleky (with Josh Powell). And the 40-plus potential members of the guard worked with Carol Abohatab, Kathy Pearson, Ron Frost and Julie Liedtke. The intensity level was so high that the remark was made, “Has anyone told the Renegades it’s only November?”

The percussion section enjoyed two days under the watchful eyes of the superstaff.

The Honor Guard is the fastest growing section in the corps. Can we march 100 in the honor guard?

Jessica and Diane learn a new toss.

The Renegades are going Match Grip this year?

Yoga-meisters Rich Duarte and Mejia Reese lead the corps in a stretch before camp begins.

The Cymbals hold a Crash Party.

The contras were ecstatic with the new music. Now they just need to learn to play all those 16th notes!

Basses showing a bit of intensity to bass drumming deity Kent Cater... with Josh Powell.

Dave DiLullo works the snares.

Weekend ringer Scott Wilt, from the Ghostriders, joined in the fun for the weekend.

The corps at the end of camp.

Anne Bragstad shows lead baris Dave Landers, Doug Kenyon and Jeff DeMello how to finger their parts.

Lee, Frank and Chris enjoying the great start of the new season.

Drum Majors Rachel Grunsky and Jeff Pearson sort out the parts for the 8+ minutes of the show received by the brass section.

Musical genius Ed Teleky runs the hornline through his amazing arrangement of Channel One Suite.

Financial wizard Johanna Miller working her magic to keep the corps afloat.

Screaming leads - a Renegades trademark! "Is that a written Double C?"

Guns. Lots of guns.

The Anti-Pit... with Josh Powell.

Richard G is working the Tymps.

Keith Potter gets tuned.

The second sops - Rick Chavoya, Margaret Minkus, JT, Chris Clavejo and Dr. Evil

The third Sopranos show newcomer Natasha (second from left) what drum corps is all about.

Bingo7 team members Roland Bough, Todd Oliver, Julio Matos and Greg Gilman formulate plans for the upcoming launch of Bingo7.

Want to buy a CD or a DVD?

See some potluck photos or check out Lee Rudnicki's inspiring weekend summary and a passionate review by Lisalisamomeesa, hosted by our friends on DrumCorpsPlanet.