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December was a huge camp for the Renegades.  Much work went into having the entire musical book learned and played before the year ends. We welcomed new staff member John Meehan with a full book and a lot of horns. The teaming of Blue Devils caption head Scott Johnson with SCV caption head Murray Gusseck was a highlight for percussion, and the guard just doesn't know what to do with all those people!! Don't miss the video!

Brass staffer John Meehan is welcomed to rehearsal by Low Brass Guru Clint Matsen.

"Is it even legal to play this loud?"

Ralph and Bob - Old School!

Renegades often become giddy with excitement at the sight of a marching schedule.

I&E Champion Rich Atcheson's contra exploded upon playing the first chords of the 2004 closer.

The 2004 color guard prepares for the ritual yuletide beheadings.

Intensity is all part of the program.

Arranger extrordinaire, Ed Teleki basks in the glow of his musical genius.

A sight you won't often see:  Renegades sitting!

"Now when two drumsticks love each other very much...."

Scott Johnson and Murray Gusseck teaming up makes the Renegades drum line the envy of its competitors.

His sticks say "practice" his shirt says "beer!"

"I said march, soldier!"

Joanna Miller welcomes newcomers and veterans alike with her Christmas cheer.... and member applications.

See the small mountain of jackets donated to our
Holiday Jacket Drive on Page 2.