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The Renegades regularly donate blankets and jackets during the winter to the homeless.  Many times the items being donated are better than the items owned by the members themselves - making the pile of clothing very hard to part with.  We haven't broken the news to these two members yet that they can't take the pile with them.

Seriously, thanks Veronica and Matt for the hard work organizing this drive!

Once again, the Renegades defy the weather forecasts by having yet another beautiful day for practice.

Here we see guard and percussion members basking in the warm sun before returning to rehearsal.

Cymbal player Matt Heckman regularly warms up with 200 sit-ups before rehearsal.  This picture was taken around number 178.

Todd Oliver and Kanika Glendenning share a moment.  The chemistry is great this year within the corps.  New and old members seem to get along swimmingly.

Baritone's Ellen Lurie and Batman's Dad rest comfortably in the Treasure Island rehearsal facilities.

Steve Proud, the Mayor of Treasure Island expresses his views on world politics and the socio-economic variables that constitutes world exchange rates.  Oh yeah, and the closer kicks-ass too!

All in all, it was a long weekend, but the hard work paid off and the Renegades are better prepared than they have ever been this time of year.

The camp potluck was as bountiful as ever.

Adrianne was so busy cuddling with Mistress Kelli, she had no idea that a large cat was about to eat her head!

The Renegades Anti-Pit takes a moment out of rehearsing to pose breifly for the camera.

As Dan Day can tell you:  Nothin' makes you ready for rehearsal better than a good Cuban Cigar!
The Renegades do not affiliate themselves with the tobacco industry nor do they condone the use of tobacco products.  All opinions shared in this photo are the sole property of Dan Day and should not be construed or associated with the opinions of the Renegades Organization of California.  Remember kids, Just Say No!

Crunchy the Frog waits patiently for someone to kiss him.  He won't turn into a prince, but they don't need to know that.

It's a shirt!

There's still time for committed individuals to join the Renegades for the 2004 season! Read up about joining, start practicing now and show up at Treasure Island for our next camp on January 17-18, 2004.

There's also still time to make a tax-deductable donation to the Renegades for your 2003 taxes. Full details are available on our donation page.

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