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The Renegades took to the field to begin learning drill. The hornline continued to work at firming up the book while enjoying the great sound of a matched set of Kanstul horns. The drums pushed on - learning 3 new pieces of music. And the guard hid out in their secret rehearsal spot, continuing their steady progress to greatness. All of this moved Show Coordinator Lee Rudnicki to proclaim that it was actually February.

Communication is key when coordinating a field show of this magnitude.

Murrey Gussek works out some of the new drum book before rehearsal.

Misty Reese chats with Color Guard Caption Head Julie Liedtke.

Al Cunningham shows off his latest invention, the Goddamn Audio Mixer.  It is sure to revolutionize the Drum Corps world!

Chuck Simchick learned how to read this camp.  We're all very proud.  The cow says, "Moooo!"

The Renegades' Two-Time World Champion Contra Line stands ready for the first marching ensemble run of the year.

Rich, Brian and Anne are happy about the way the show is turning out.

Beware, the T-Shirt of Evil! Better yet, buy yours today!!

Musical Coordinator Ed Teleki works out some musical details with Corps Director Chris Nalls.

Marching guru, Dave Watrous, starts a pledge drive to get himself a new liver.

Drummers Zak and Chris stare in awe at the legend that is  John Meehan.

Gockmaster Clint Matsen maintains tempo for the latest musical run-through.  Did we mention we have the whole horn book learned in January?

One big happy brass family.

French Hornist Paul Olson shows the new recruits how it's done.

The middle horns are looking stronger than ever this year.

Baritone Tony Pon ponders how his mouthpiece became so white, and how his horn became so dented.

Soprano Larrie Dastrup rehearses his "hi Mom" spot for the show.

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