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The percussion section is working hard to get to the next level under the guidance of Drumming Superstar Murray Gusseck. We still might be able to fit in a tenor or snare. Contact our recruiting department if you are interested!

Dennis Mancini maintains his cool under the scrutinizing attention of the paparazzi.

Tom Wieske, former BD ace Timpanist and tenor drummer, jumped in the line this weekend!

The Anti-Pit is beginning to look a lot less "Anti" and a whole lot more "Pit" these days.

Looks like Mav needs a box to stand on to play those chimes!!

Visual Genius, Ron Frost, works into the wee hours of the night perfecting the color guard's visual book for the year.

The Queen of Clean, Kathy Pearson, shows the guard the right way to do it.

Words cannot describe the destructive power of the Renegades Snare Line.

A pit without a drum set is like a day without sunshine.

Bass is Beautiful!

The most Evil Drum Line on Earth prepares to take it's first steps of drill.  The California Geological Survey stands by to record the shockwaves.

Roxy's back!!

Josh Powell drills the Anti-Pit on one of the most complex arrangements the corps has ever attempted.

And a one...

And a two...

And a three!

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