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Can you find Lee Rudnicki? (get the answer)

The Wilt Family!

The Chan Clan

The Peterson Family.

The Reynolds Family.

We salute the Renegades for a day - you are friends and will always be welcome!

The honor guard prepares for action.

Beautiful and colorful, the flags backed the corps with style.

The rifles were the personality of the corps as we performed - the crowd LOVED them.

Baritones - lots of Baritones. We like it when there are lots of Baritones.

Sopranos everywhere - and all great players.

Mellophones and French Horns. Love that midvoice sound.

Evil Cymbals always liven up the show!!

When the parade stopped, we took the opportunity to do a nice, loud park and blow. The crowd dug it. They were the loudest parade crowd ever.

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