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The giant dragon looks like it is about to eat the Lead Sopranos, but it is actually getting ready to lead the parade. The Renegades were given a place of honor, right behing the mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsome.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Becky!

Chevy's was the place for pre and post parade revelry.

Rich toasts Trevor's Birthday


We're having fun at this table...

This one too...

Yep, having a blast...

And loving the good food...

An entire room full of Renegades!

This table looks ready for action!

Staff table - Dave, Murray, Kent and Lee.

Everyone wore black for the evening.

Chevy's - true California dining.

Old Friends and new friends was the order fo the day.

Frank was ready to keep playing!

VKGarry carried the American Flag tonight!

A lovely time for all.

Rob Brown had a great time and took some killer pictures.

Rachel fights off an ardent admirer.

Steve Proud, the Mayor of Treasure Island, with the lovely and talented Lesa Barker.

Raandy, Jeff, Francesca and Tony relax after the gig.

We did it!

Chris is one lucky guy, surrounded by the lovely ladies from Seattle.

Legendary Leads - Rich, Larrie and Roland.

Lynn is digging in.

Lots of love in the room!

Who is that suave fellow with the Green balloon?

Chevy's offered a special Mellorita for Gulf Coast Sound's Marc Sanders.

Veronica took a job as a server for the night.

Jeff celebrates with an XXXL Margarita.

Food in the shape of a seven.

Troy Emmons, chillin'.

Dan lights up a stogie.

Renegade Guard Diva holding court.

The 1981 Blue Devils were represented by Doug, Tom, Greg, Larrie and Mav.

Chris and Terri Mignemi (try the other hand, Chris)

DCP Buddies!

Eric Liggett, master of stealth.

Dan and Chris salute a job well done.

Al and Robin - two people who really keep the Renegades running smoothly.

SoCal Dream was represented!

Adirienne works on Roland's hairstyle.

Random Evil BDB Members.

Tom Wieske and friend.

Dr. Evil and Patrick swap tales.

Joe and Rich - looking good.

Lovely ladies from Sacramento.

The end of the road...

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