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February 28-29, 2004. A bittersweet weekend, to be sure. The corps camps at Treasure Island for the last time, but has the greatest camp yet. Three minutes plus of drill, more music time, a session with Performance Coach Shirley Dorritie and the guard welcomes top designer Chad Duggan for the weekend. And Randy, born on February 29th, 1964, celebrated his tenth Birthday.

Third Baritones compare yard lines.

Jed calculates how many miles he marched at this weekend's camp.

It's 40-degrees and we're wearing shorts.. And?

Visual Guru Dave Watrous sees all from atop the podium.

DMs Rachel and Jeff study their scores before ensemble rehearsal.

"Wow! Thank you for not sucking!"

With the beautiful Bay Bridge in the background, the hornline got most of the way through Part one of the show.

Jay Murphy's great drill writing stages the hornline perfectly.

Rick Chevoya is always ready!

Performance coach Shirley Dorritie gave a great session on peak performance.

Todd "Stomper" Oliver plots the acquisition of ANOTHER set of horns!

Drumline stepped it up 7 notches this weekend!


Horn staff ponders a change.

The Renegades Lead Sops welcomed guest artists Joe Pero of the Empire Statesmen and Adam Rapa, soloist from Blast!

Randy take a break on his tenth birthday. Leap Year baby!!

Bari Legend Doug "Pooh Bear" Kenyon works his solo.

The guard spent time on the work for the beginning of the show under the sharp eyes of Ron Frost and Chad Duggan.

Scott Johnson was on a mission at this camp - turn the drumline into contenders. His efforts paid off - big time. The drums improved an incredible amount over the weekend they spent with Scott.

The Anti-Pit in action!

The Renegades' Souvie Team was there both days with tons of goodies.

Rachel (aka Trinity) surveys the field.

The potlucks we hold at every camp offer a great way for folks to get to know each other.

Alan demonstrates the Contra section stretch.

Chris and Vinyl head to the field.

Tony and Len enjoy a delicious treat.

Chris, Ed and Larrie talk about the music while the corps learns drill.

The Soprano Lounge™

Lovebirds Brian and Rachel bid a fond farewell to the Renegades' home for the past two years, the Nimitz Conference Center on Treasure Island.

We love our new Hats!! Buy one today!

Vinyl the Wonder Dog, with Josh Powell, enjoying the potluck lunch.

Lynners takes a quick break.

Pitsters soaking up the sun.

The hornline is ready for action!

Jeff DeMello turns Paparazzi while Dave runs rehearsal.

Lovely Jessica shares her passion.

Good Bye Treasure Island!