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February Camp #1

The Renegades brave the harsh Californian winter to continue the preparation for the 2006 season. With such a challenging show musically, the corps is taking advantage of the early season rehearsals to learn and perfect the music before hitting the field.

The horns continue to work and clean both the opener ("Adventures in Time") and our ballad ("Stairway to Heaven") in addition to receiving the first draft of our closer, "Toccata." After playing the first 12 notes, both Jim and corps are very excited about this new piece.

The battery and pit join the horn line on Sunday with parts for the opener and what an opener it is! Finishing off the weekend was run of "Stairway to Heaven" with the completed pit parts.

The corps is working hard this year, with some very challenging music everyone is stepping up to challenge.

Brass Caption Head, Jim McFarland, sits in the center of a circle of sound as the horn line work creating balanced and beautiful sound.
Brass instructor, Larrie Dastrup, working with middle horn section which includes a full french horn section once again.
Brass instructor, Rich Duarte, trains the soprano line on the art of sub-division to ensure the opening statement of the show is crisp and clean.
Members of the anti-pit... Sarah, Marianne, and Thu... work to create the beautiful sounds found in this year's ballad, "Stairway to Heaven."
Drum instructor, Mike French, helps the bass line tackle the demanding new parts to "Adventures In Time."
The snare line along with the rest of the battery, show off the recently learned parts for the opener, "Adventures In Time," for the rest of corps at Sunday's ensemble rehearsal.
Closing out the camp, Jim and Chris lead the corps through our full ensemble rehearsal block. This included putting percussion and horns together for a run of the intro to the show and it definitely is an incredible the opening statement!
It's never to early to start with basics! Marching instructor, Dave Leon, leads the horn line through multiple mind boggling drill basics created by Mark McEntire.
"I am an action figure!" - Danny DeLuna