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Graced with a beautiful day, the corps started off the weekend at "Rehearsal Site-X," and no Renegade rehearsal would be complete without our traditional morning strech and warm-up lead by horn guru, Jim McFarland.

Some of the brass players starting the morning in typical Renegade fashion.

Some of the percussionist starting the morning in typical drummer fashion.

Parades are always great for re-uniting with old friends (like Rob Brown, left) and making new ones (BD Alum Penny from KY, center), in addition to current Renegades (like CJ, right).

One of our favorite parts of the rehearsal is... of course... setting the block. "Now which side is the camera one? ... Ok that's my good side, this works."

In addition to horn players, guard, and percussion, this year we got a great turn out for the honor guard!

Emily teaches the flags their entire routine which they must perfect by the parade in the evening... and of course they do ;-)

Pre-Parade Warm-up

Pre-parade warm-up: Pre-parade is classic hurry-up and wait... But this give us plenty of time to warm up, catch up with each other, get to know the out-of-town guests, and (of course) show off for those passing by...

The horn line never fails to draw a crowd while warming up. (We love space chords!)

... and of course the drum line can never let the horn line out do them.

This year the parade was a family event, as members brought Renegades-to-be to participate in the parade.

Lani (master scarf maker) pins her daughter's accent scarf into place, it's official... she's a Renegade now!