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May 19-20: Camp SEVEN! - The sun was shining in beautiful northern California, and as always the views of San Francisco kept us motivated. Taking advantage of the sun, the corps pushed forward to put more new drill on the field, and clean up some notes on the musical pages. The staff got together and debuted one of the most creative endings drum corps has ever seen! This is a show you will NOT want to miss!

Matt-CobraMantis-Heckmann is ready for the weekend.

Drumline gets their stretch on an hour before the rest of the corps even arrives!

Scaffolding crew starts their day by building "The Box".

Dan Day gave his new baby the yoga mat, while he streched on the dirty cement.

Some yoga pads were used for other pourposes...

Phantom Dork Boy shows us perfect Regiment technique, while the rest of us find our next dot.

End point or landing a plane?

Mike shows off the newest addition to the 2007 uniform.

"Dont worry...I will never let anyone hurt you, or take you away from me"

Chris Nalls works on some jazzy licks with the baritone line.

Jim Jackson talks about the "ping-pong" Block in Jazz Police

Its always cool to help the pit. Stu = Cool!

The Cobra-Bassline has some Ssssssssectional time.

How many Renegades does it take to pack up a prop?

Rich Duarte brings the sopranos to a whole new volume level...LOUD!

Lee fills everyone in on the 2007 closer. EVIL!

The drumline made a lot of progress on Stone Ground 7!

Drum Major for the Alaskan Eskimos? Nope, just our very own Mistress Kelli!

The shirt says it all!