Never Thought

Since this is my first year in Renegades Color Guard, I was not sure what to expect. I had seen Renegades for the last few years, when I would go watch all my friends who marched Drum Corp. I was never a Drum Corp baby. Give me climate control any day. My coming to Renegades was even more odd than ever. Miss Emily talked Olyvia, Elaina and I to coming to the first April camp when we saw her at CCGC (Winter Guard Championships) . Mind you I have not spun OUTSIDE since the fall of 1995 when I did my last field show and my last competitive indoor season was 2001 Raiders World, so feeling out of a it was a little scary. After the first camp I was hooked. I guess the passion performing something to perfection never leaves you. After a few camps of being sore. and relearning what it meant to do drill and work together. I finally felt like I was back when I first fell in love with the activity.

Of course with anything that goes there is DRAMA with a Capital D, but it would not be color guard or Corp without it. I was more impressed by the tenacity of the color guard to never give up and the hands that some of the members in the guard have. Must respect and admiration because they toss their stuff and “bam” own it.

As the ending of season 1.0 approached, I was feeling a little sad and a little nostalgic, because I had not had the best of shows. I am my own worst critic, but everyone keeps telling me…”wait till DCA.” thats when I know Renegades will be at their best. For me performing was something that I thought I had to close the door on, but with Renegades I have found my happy medium which is sharing what I know and love with others. I have to say that the Renegades have been most welcoming and opening, and for that I thank you. Season 2.0 here we come…..