Renegades Drum & Bugle Corps
May 16, 2003
Volume 1, Issue 1
San Francisco, CA
News from the 50
Welcome: The newsletter Grand Poobah
April Camp: Mission Accomplished
Behind the Shades: Joe Wilt, Baritone
Brassed Off: Random Acts of Evil
Guard Goings On: Meet Lisalisamomeesa
Staff Stories: Imaginary Hash Marks
Drum Drama: Dennis Delivers
Contest: Name This Newsletter
Minicorps: In Two Places at Once
Lead Sop Dugada
The Newsletter Grand Poobah
Dave Leon, Drum Major
Dave LeonI want to welcome you to the first ever Renegades newsletter. I hope that you come back every month for the latest in Renegades news, souvenir items, and happenings. First off, a few things about the newsletter itself. We will be publishing once a month until we get deeper into the season, when we will begin publishing more frequently. Every month, we'll feature...<read more>

April Camp: Mission Accomplished
An amazing camp weekend left everyone happily exhausted and in need of new shoes. The Coast Guard helicopter crew waved hello during a fly by, and military jets flew patterns overhead. After three weeks off, our facilities at Treasure Island felt like we were home. <see photos>

Behind the Shades: Joe Wilt, Baritone
Renegades baritone player Joe Wilt is the subject of our first Behind the Shades feature. He has been a member since 1997, the legendary "7 horn players and a ham sandwich'' days. In the following interview, he talks about how he ended up on the west coast, his first experiences with drum corps, and his thoughts about the future of the Renegades.<read more>

Brassed Off: Random Acts of Evil
Anne Bragstad, Mellophone
Anne BragstadI am thoroughly excited to welcome you to the Renegades newsletter. Even though everyone can’t march with the Renegades, I love the opportunity to be able to send you random acts of evil from the field! The Renegades have switched to a camp schedule and have been getting together one weekend every month since November. So far... <read more>

Guard Goings On: Meet Lisalisamomeesa
Lisalisamomeesa Johnson, Guard
Lisa Johnson The day started out with a quiet stretch and I noticed several new faces.  A few ladies from the Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni Corps are joining.  More awesome talent to be added to a unit already chock full of talent.  It's such a joy and a gift for me to be amongst so many talented men and women.  I quietly hope some of their good juju rubs off on me.<read more>.

Staff Stories: Fanciful Imaginary Hash Marks
By Marlan Smith, Visual Staff
The marching staff generally shows up early on Saturdays to help paint the field and get yelled at by Jim Jackson for occasionally painting the measuring tape. We painted a nice diamond this time on the 50 which was good because the point person wasn't there and I was getting tired of stepping off 8 steps from the front sideline every minute. I was also made painfully aware of the fact that my previous 8 steps from last month were off by half a step. I’m sorry...I’ll give my 2 weeks notice next camp.<read more>

Drummer Drama: Dennis Delivers
Dennis Mancini, Snare
Pandering members of the corps limp and hobble about trying to get excused from drill rehearsal. Just kidding. Gotcha, eh. It’s a very big weekend on the West Coast for the corps invited to use Treasure Island as well as a staging area for the other performance groups. Most of the members have arrived early because the parking lot is nearly full well before its time to get started.<read more>

Contest: Name this Newsletter
We need a permanent name for our newsletter. And you can help! If you have a wacky, funny, groundbreaking, interesting, all-around groovy name for the newsletter, email it to us at and enter the "Name the Newsletter" contest. The winner will receive cool Renegades swag. Entries must be received by midnight PST June 15, 2003.
Note: Lionel Richie, his family, friends and Commodores bandmates are not allowed to participate.

Mini-corps: In Two Places at Once
While the rest of the corps was tearing it up at the Loud Music Symposium, the 12 members of our mini-corps, CorpsImpact, were on the road in Orlando. Although we missed being with the full corps, we had three great performances. Mambo was used to open the show, followed by In the Stone. Our second performance was a moving rendition of America the Beautiful to introduce the keynote speech by Mayor Rudy Giuliani. We finished the show with a parade of In the Stone, which led the audience out the door.We think this marks the first time a drum corps has performed on two coasts at once.<see photos>

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Loud Music 4
LMS was a huge success! See photos and hear the MP3 of the incredible show.

Limited Edition LMS4 Shirt:

Fresh Swag: Snazzy new lapel pins, LMS 4 shirts and a big shipment of the infamous "Drum Corps is Evil" shirts available now in our online souvie truck.

It's a Date: Drum corps season is almost here. Check out the new improved Renegades calendar for our complete summer schedule.

Meet the Staff: This issue's featured staff member is drill writer Jay Murphy.

Jay is one of the most successful drill designers in the world. He has been writing drill for the Concord Blue Devils since the early 80's, and has won the DCI World Championship 6 times with them. Jay is also well known for his work with some of the finest Winter Guards in history, including St. Anthony's, the San Jose Raiders and the Blue Devils. In the Marching Band arena, Jay has created shows for a number of great bands, notably the legendary Clovis West bands of the late 80s.

Jay has a degree in English Literature from Marquette University, and lives in Walnut Creek.

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Trivia Corner: Renegades were born in 1999 with a seven minute performance of Hava Nagila and Black Saddle. Read about that July evening and more in the Renegade Journal.

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