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Welcome: The Newsletter Poobah
Dave Leon, Drum Major

name Greetings!

I want to welcome you to the first ever Renegades newsletter. I hope that you come back every issue for the latest in Renegades news, souvenir items, and happenings.

First off, a few things about the newsletter itself. We will be publishing a newsletter once a month until we get deeper into the season, when we will begin publishing more frequently. Every month, we'll feature new items from the Renegades store (the coolest gear in drum corps), and we'll have a comprehensive calendar so you can check out what the corps has planned.

We are also planning to feature one corps member in each issue in a feature called "Behind the Shades". We thought it would be a cool idea to meet some of the people that you might only get to see on the field. Each one is unique and has their own path that lead them here, and we'd like you to get to know them a little better.

Each section of the corps will be represented by a columnist. Anne Bragstad will write the hornline column, Lisa Johnson (AKA LisaLisaMoMeesa) will write the guard column, Dennis Mancini (AKA Snapettes Mom) will write our drumline column, Marlan Smith (Evil Clipboard) will be writing from the staff member's perspective, and Lee Rudnicki's "7" column will make its debut in our next issue. I'm very excited to see what these folks have to say, as they all bring their own perspectives and views. Their columns won't always be confined to drum corps, so things may get a bit controversial around here, but that's cool. A little controversy can be a good thing.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions about any part of the newsletter (except for LisaLisa's home number; she made me promise not to give it out), send an email to the address below, and I'll make sure to get back to you.

Dave Leon
Renegades Newsletter Grand Poobah

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