Renegades Drum & Bugle Corps
July 17, 2003
Volume 1, Issue 2
San Francisco, CA
News from the 50
From the Poobah: Lots going on!
California Tours: Huge Success
Brassed Off: It was a good show!
Guard Goings On: What's it like?
Staff Stories: Bizarro DCI Universe
Drummer Notes from So Cal Tour
Director's Corner: Better get there early!
Contest: Name this Newsletter
McDonalds Meets CorpsImpact
From the Poobah: Lots going on!
Dave Leon, Drum Major
Dave Leon Lots of things have been going on around here. Our field show continues to improve by leaps and bounds as tweaks are made by the staff, we have the first four performances under our belts, and we took the show on the road to southern California last weekend. <read more>

California Tours: Huge Success
Enjoy pictures of the Renegades' debut weekend and our trip to So Cal. Plus, don't miss the QuickTime video of our incredible performance at Precision West. The corps is looking forward to more shows in California, and to their trip to DCA for the 2003 Championships.

Brassed Off: It was a good show!
Anne Bragstad, Mellophone
Anne Bragstad I I remember thinking on the field, "If this part works, it's going to be a good show...if Niner-Two doesn't phase, it's going to be a good show...If Steve Greene stays on his feet, it'll be a good show!" Checking with Steve coming off the was a good show!!! The staff agreed, as Chris Nalls was left speechless in the aftershow "talk." <read more>

Guard Goings On: What's it like?
Lisalisamomeesa Johnson, Guard
Lisa Johnson What's it like to perform as a "guard person?" So far, we've been what I think is the corps' best kept secret. ( I may be biased, but I doubt it). What have we been up to whilst sequestered in the top secret hangar???? Why the mystery??? Well, I may be breaking the guard code of privacy ethics...but here goes.<read more>.

Staff Stories: Bizarro DCI Universe
Marlan Smith, Visual Staff
Apparently, I am no longer in my own universe. I am in "Bizarro DCI Universe" where the Blue Devils perform West Side Story, Cadets perform Malaguena and Drum Majors conduct, instruct, play in the pit, dance and march drill all in one show. This should come in handy for the DCA "Attention Deficit" awards this year.<read more>

Drummer Notes from So Cal Tour
Dennis Mancini, Snare
In a few short hours I will be on my very first tour with the Renegades. My check list works like a charm keeping me relatively focused after being requested to follow random last minute directions from my wife just before I leave the house and give my three boys a hug and depart for the bus pick up zone.<read more>

Director's Corner: Better get there early!
Chris Nalls, Director
Want to see a Senior Corps? Better arrive early! Drum Corps International (DCI), with its current focus on youth, has implemented a policy that has Senior Corps performing first at all DCI shows. This is new for the 2003 season, and applies across the country. Be sure to arrive at your local drum corps show before it starts if you want to see your favorite Senior Corps! <read more>

Contest: Name this Newsletter
We need a permanent name for our newsletter. And you can help! If you have a wacky, funny, groundbreaking, interesting, all-around groovy name for the newsletter, email it to us at and enter the "Name the Newsletter" contest. The winner will receive cool Renegades swag. Entries must be received by midnight PST July 19, 2003.
Note: Lionel Richie, his family, friends and Commodores bandmates are not allowed to participate.

McDonalds Meets CorpsImpact
CorpsImpact, the Renegades fund-raising group for corporations, played for over 14,000 McDonald's managers in three great performances at Mandalay Bay resort, which has been dubbed the headquarters of CorpsImpact. New cast members enjoyed the performing as well as their adventures in Las Vegas. <see photos>

History in the making! Three senior corps compete for the State Championship at the first annual West Coast Showdown this Sunday at 7! Free clinic at 4pm by Pacific Crest for all ticket holders.

2002 DVD Now Available
The 2002 Renegades DVD is here!
Featuring "The LOUDEST Show on Earth," a 35 minute documentary by filmaker Jay Lee as well as a variety of short films and the Renegades historical first appearance at DCA, this DVD is a must have for all Renegades fans and members.

Order your DVD Today

See us this weekend: The Renegades will be performing at Sunnyvale's Fremont HS on Saturday and Del Oro HS in Loomis this Sunday. Get details in the Renegades Calendar.

Jim Meet the Staff: This issue's featured staff member is horn instructor Jim McFarland.

Jim, 46, has been involved in the drum corps activity for over 25 years, marching with the Blue Devils in the 1970s as a soprano and contrabass player. He has instructed many DCI hornlines, including the Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, and Valley Fever, to name a few. Jim has also been affiliated with the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra and the Diablo Symphony.

Jim is a graduate of the prestigious Barnett Bicycle Institute and currently holds the position of Lead Mechanic for Performance Bicycle Shop in Walnut Creek.

Jim lives in the East Bay with his wife Nanci, who plays soprano in the Renegades.

Amaze Your Friends!
Renegod, the Roman god of volume, now appears on this black t-shirt. A must-have for any drum corps show on any coast.


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