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Brassed Off:
Anne Bragstad, Mellophone

I just finished a full weekend of partying and relaxing over the holiday in preparation for the weekend in LA!!! Whoohoo! Thanks especially to Greg Gilman for the "Blast" of a Fourth of July, and to Lisa Johnson for the Bacchanal and Beveragefest on Saturday!

The Renegades are excited to meet our California senior corps brethren on the field for competition for the first time ever!! Last year, River City Regiment competed, but SoCal Dream was still in standstill/exhibition mode. This year...look out LA, here it comes!

The last weekend of shows, Pacific Procession and Precision West, were not bad performances for the first two competitions. Sunday was a much better performance than Saturday, after dusting off the cobwebs, last minute nerves and a little bit of phasing here and there. Sunday, albeit hot (!!!), was a much better show after Niner-Two held together and closely resembled our previous run-throughs at Site X. It's actually looking like a show, and the compliments I've heard have reflected that.

I remember thinking on the field, "If this part works, it's going to be a good show...if Niner-Two doesn't phase, it's going to be a good show...If Steve Greene stays on his feet, it'll be a good show!" Checking with Steve coming off the was a good show!!! The staff agreed, as Chris Nalls was left speechless in the aftershow "talk."

I love the day after a full show weekend when you feel like you have been hit by a Mack truck and dragged beneath it for 7,000 yards only to be scraped up by a shovel, thrown into a recycling truck and compacted. Yet another realization that this show is extremely hard physically for us old folks! But don't hold me back, Doc...I'm marchin'!!! Good Times!

I am Soooooooo sunburnt! Go white girl, go white girl, go! Aloe is my friend; I have stock.

The best thing about this show right now, while still in the developmental stages, is that it has taken on a mind of its own! People keep coming up with thoughts on how to make the show better. While some are brilliant verging on genius, others...well, not so much.

A few thoughts (some that have made the show) include: of the three drum majors - one wear black, one wear white and one in Trinity-style vinyl; a la Matrix, a random French horn player wearing a black shirt w/ a huge SEVEN on it and a multi-colored clown wig - then during "Bullet Time" in Matrix - the clown-wigged French horn player juggles while riding a unicycle!! My favorite: the full corps taking the field in shakos and when the announcer says, "Is the corps ready?" the corps takes their shakos off and hurls them at the front sideline. Ingenious.

Another idea that surfaced, since the drum majors' podium became fully erected, was for Rachel (in vinyl) to springboard to the top of the podium and land Trinity-style like at the beginning of "Matrix: Reloaded."

It could happen - I've seen it done!

I'd like to take a brief moment to wish everyone a safe trip, great shows and good times this weekend!! Can't wait to get down there and have a beer with all my compadres!



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