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Welcome: The Newsletter Poobah
Dave Leon, Drum Major

name Welcome to the newest edition of the Renegades Newsletter.

Lots of things have been going on around here. The show continues to improve by leaps and bounds as tweaks are made by the staff, we have thefirst four performances under our belts, and we took the show on the road to southern California last weekend.

Our columnists have once again come up with some interesting topics to bounce your way. Be sure to give them a read.

Check out Chris's Corner, where Renegades director Chris Nalls chimes in with some advice for Renegades fans and a bit of drum corps history.

There are also updates on the Moneycorps and their travels to see Tony the Tiger and Ronald McDonald!

Thanks to those who contributed suggestions for the "Name the Newsletter" contest. We're still looking for a few more entries, so send them to us at by July 19, 2003. The winner will be announced soon thereafter.

As always, feedback is welcome. Send me an email at

Thanks for reading and (to quote Greg Gilman) see you on the 50.

Dave Leon
Newsletter Grand Poobah

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