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Brassed Off: Going to DCA
Anne Bragstad, Mellophone

Wow! Where did the time go? What do you mean there is only a week and a half left of the 2003 season? What am I supposed to do after drum corps is over?

You know what this means??? Yup…it’s officially Hell Week!! We’re headed into a full camp weekend this weekend, a performance for our friends…then DCA! Excitement is mounting, but knowing that so much work needs to be done in the little amount of time we have is nerve-wracking!

The horn line finally has the ending to the show in their grasp.  I think drums will get it this weekend, and it will be on the field come Sunday.  That’s an exciting revelation, after waiting the last 4 weeks for an appropriate ending that is DCA worthy!  Everyones itching for an ending…as were the DCI judges! Hahaha! You could practically hear them scratching their heads on the music ensemble tapes. Good times!

The best news is the influx of new membership over the last 3 weeks from RCR and SoCal Dream who will be filling the last of our horn holes! Whoohoooooo! ::jumping up and down:: After competing all summer against these guys, I’m proud to have them turn toward the dark side, even for a month, to journey back east. I look forward to meeting them all and welcoming them to the Renegade family.  And, oh yeah, Rookie Initiation Night is gonna be a BITCH! Be forewarned. ;)

Some major events have transpired these last few weeks that are worth mentioning.  Marvin, our long-time snare player, and his wife brought twins (a boy and a girl) into the world this week!!  Congrats Marvin!!  Drum Major Dave Leon became officially engaged to the love of his life, Jen Volturno while Mellophone Brian Haslanger became officially engaged to drum major, Rachel Grunsky.  Aww...isn’t that precious?  Lisalisamomeesa acquired a new job!! Whoohoo! Evidently, some major drama occurred at her old work and the rats were being tossed of the boat faster than you can say Royal Carribean! So, before being sunk herself, she decided it would be best to swim over to a new company!  Congrats to all!

We will be having one last hurrah before scuttling off to DCA next week, and YOU'RE INVITED!!!  Our farewell rehearsal performance is scheduled for August 24th at 4 p.m. at Foothill College in Los Altos.  Directions and more information are on the website! Come join us, hang out and see the new surprise ending before we take this multi-award winning show to DCA!  We’d love to be able to play our last runthrough of the season for those who have meant the most to us: our friends and family who have supported the Renegades and senior corps. Mark your calendars. We can’t wait to blow your face off!



Thanks everyone for listening. These are Anne's own views and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts of the full corps. If you have any comments pertaining to this article, please e-mail

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