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The View from the Guard
Lisalisamomeesa Johnson, Guard

Lisalisamomeesa Hey cats and kittens:

I have absolutely no ability to fuse two sentences together. Don't choke on your own tongue over that...I actually AM at a loss for words. After one incredibly stressful week that included: job interview, job offer, job acceptance, and then finishing it off with a FUN weekend of brain is mush.

My mission is to sum up the first half of the season. In honor of the coolest visual/musical moment I've seen in drum corps in a long time, I'm going to enumerate my thoughts and call this article BULLET TIME:

* Funniest thing said at rehearsal thus far: "I like using my wrist, but sometimes I just need more action." Mark Metzger - guard instructor extraordinaire. (Hey, he was talking about guard work.... Sheesh!)

* Best show site thus far: Del Oro High School - Loomis, Ca. Okay, despite the Africa heat that had me repeatedly asking, "Human beings LIVE here?????" the school site was cool, the locker rooms were clean, and the show was well put together. Let's hear it for the ONLY show (that I've performed at this season) that had the incredible genius idea of having yard markers on the front AND back sidelines. Imagine that!!!!

* Funnest person I met this season (outside of Renegades). Happy, from So. Cal Dream's guard. Yes, her name is Happy. No, she's not a hippie. Yes, she is a police officer. No, she doesn't think it's cute when guys say "Hey baby, are you going to use your handcuffs on me?" Heh.

* Boyfriends that have a bath ran, sprinkled with rose petals, candles lit and a glass of cabernet poured for you after Saturday night camp are worth keeping around...for a lifetime.

* Thus far in the season, I've done a lot of growing as a human being. I've learned a lot about people. I've learned to see people for what they are, not what I wish them to be. That's been a good lesson, but a tough one. (The best lessons usually are). I've also learned that some of my best friends in the world march in the Renegades. I've learned that nothing worthwhile comes without a lot of hard work and sweat. I've learned: liquor on beer - never on liquor - never sicker. (Hey... it was enough with all the insipid sappiness..dont ya think?)

* When leaving Treasure Island, instead of going left to get to the bridge, go right and drive around the island. There is a random park bench that looks out at the Golden Gate Bridge. There, at about 7:45 pm when the sun starts going down behind the bridge, is one of the most beautiful places I've been in a long time. Thank you Stephen Proud for letting us practice there. I'm willing to bet it was the most beautiful practice area in all of drum corps.

* I'm having a hard time remembering the early season. I think it's because our season lasts longer than some Hollywood marriages.

* LMS this season RULED. International incidents, Eddie the Rat and Blue Devil C...but mostly Eddie the Rat...most specifically, the audience's reaction to Eddie the Rat.

* Next year, I suggest we have a camp at Burning Man. (My first Burn: 1998 ) Better yet....with Burning Man become such a VH-1 cliché commercial, I vote the Renegades start a whole new Burning Man.

* Then next half of the season is underway. We now enter into four weeks of extreme Barry Manilow. No, just kidding. We just finished the "New Evil Ending". It really is Level 17. See you in Scranton.

* Better yet, if you're in the area, come on over to Foothill College in Los Altos on Sunday, 24th August to see our Farewell Performance. It is the final product that we will be taking to Scranton. Show starts at 4pm. It costs $2 to park at the college.

If you have any comments or just want to say “Hey”, drop me a line at


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