Renegades Drum & Bugle Corps
August 22, 2003
Volume 1, Issue 3
San Francisco, CA
News from the 50
From the Poobah: Set on Scranton
Showdown: Huge Success
Brassed Off: Going into DCA
Guard Goings On: Season Summary
Staff Stories: Hot! Hot! Hot!
Renegades Reloaded Rehearsal
Director's Corner: It's Crunch Time!
Behind the Shades: Veronica Nickel
From the Poobah: Set on Scranton!
Dave Leon, Drum Major
Dave Leon
Our sights are now set on Scranton, PA. The corps now has the official DCA ending, and it kicks major butt. Rehearsals have been long but very productive. The show continues to improve as tweaks are added here and there to spice the show up. Talk of the Renegades at DCA will be plentiful once again, I'm sure. <read more>

Showdown: Huge Success!
Not since the 1930's have three California Senior corps squared off in championship competition. July 19th and 20th saw the West Coast Senior corps going at it for the title of Best in the West. Get pictures and audio from the show.

Brassed Off: Going into DCA!
Anne Bragstad, Mellophone
Anne Bragstad
You know what this means??? Yup…it’s officially Hell Week!! We’re headed into a full camp weekend this weekend, a performance for our friends…then DCA! Excitement is mounting, but knowing that so much work needs to be done in the little amount of time we have is nerve-wracking! <read more>

Guard Goings On: Season Summary
Lisalisamomeesa Johnson, Guard
Lisa Johnson
My mission is to sum up the first half of the season. In honor of the coolest visual/musical moment I've seen in drum corps in a long time, I'm going to enumerate my thoughts and call this article BULLET TIME:<read more>.

Staff Stories: Hot! Hot! Hot!
Marlan Smith, Visual Staff
Could it have been any freaking hotter? Since when does Los Altos feel like Alabama? (Now, granted, as soon as you leave the stadium and drive 40 minutes north it’s plainly obvious that you are no longer in Alabama.) Still, I wouldn’t have been surprised if a couple of hillbillies drove up at rehearsal on Saturday.<read more>

Renegades Reloaded Rehearsal
Dennis Mancini, Snare
Imaginary music is echoing from an imaginary foggy Turkish steam room in one corner of my head. Meanwhile, random exits on the freeway whiz buy with no indication of our rehearsal site known as Foothill Jr. College. After an unintended excursion I arrive about an hour early in the parking lot behind the stadium. I quickly volunteer a small donation for the required parking pass and hobble out to the field to throw down some notes with our center snare and work out some cobwebs.<read more>

Director's Corner: It's Crunch Time!
Chris Nalls, Director
The corps is working hard to prepare for their second appearance at DCA, and the staff is very pleased with the progress. We should be able to improve on our 2002 placement, but we are mostly looking forward to performing for the great DCA crowds. <read more>

Behind the Shades: Veronica Nickel
Meet one of our lovely guard members, the talented Veronica Nickel. Find out about her drum corps family, how she met her fiance in the Renegades and much more. <read more>

  See us Sunday!!! Come to Foothill College in Los Altos Sunday, August 24 at 4pm for our final California performance before going back east to DCA Championships.

Cheer us in Scranton: Come see our performance at prelims for DCA Championships in Scranton, PA on August 30-31.

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Meet the Staff: Our featured staff member is bass drum instructor Kent Cater. Regarded by many as one of the finest bass drum instructors of all time, Kent is now in his fifth year with the Renegades.

Kent began his drum corps career as a cymbal player with the San Jose Rebels in 1972, and was one of the founding members of the Santa Clara Vanguard B Corps (later called the Vanguard Cadets) in 1973, playing tenor and snare. He moved up to the vanguard A corps in 1976 and aged out in 1980.

Kent was a member of the Vanguard staff for 16 straight years, producing some of the finest bass drum lines in DCI history. Kent lives in San Jose with his wife and family.

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