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September 25, 2003
Volume 1, Issue 4
San Francisco, CA
News from the 50
Renegades Stun DCA Crowds
2003 was quite a year
Amazing Performances
Having babies
Thanks for the Memories
What does Seven mean to me?
I'm not ready for it to be over
Behind the Shades: Irina Doliov
2003 Banquet of Good and Evil
Russian XMasRenegades Stun DCA Crowds
The 2003 Renegades went to DCA to perform their show at the highest possible level and to have a great time with all of the great people and events that make up the DCA Weekend. From day one, it was a blur of rehearsals, performances and parties. After the weekend was over, the Renegades looked back on a weekend that included a fourth-place finish in prelims, the debut of Crunchy Frog, 27 gold medals at I&E, including the coveted Minicorps championship and an infamous finals penalty that pulled the corps down to a 6th place finish for the year. We thank DCA, fellow corps and our fans across the country for a great weekend! <Photos and more>

2003 Was Quite a Year
Chris Nalls, Director
2003 was quite a year, but just wait until 2004!! Our trip to DCA was just that - a TRIP. The corps was on a mission, and their showing at prelims confirmed it. When the corps finished the show, a member or the audience asked me where I thought we would place. My response was, "after that performance, who cares!?!"<read more>

Amazing Performances
Dave Leon, Drum Major
nameThe corps put on two of the most amazing performances that I have ever had the privilege of taking part in. The corps stunned people and gained lots of new fans, many of whom were nice enough to stop me and other corps members at various points of the weekend to talk to us. To our fans, we want to all sincerely thank you for your warm welcome. We wouldn't be rock stars if there were no fans. <read more>

Having babies
Marlan Smith, Visual Staff
The DCA weekend starts at about 8:30pm on Wednesday after a painfully long day of recounting my underwear for about 4 hours. I immediately hit the bar and consume enough alcohol to ensure that I will pass out on the flight as soon as I board. This is pretty easy to do and my flight is mostly a jumble of random images and something about Josh Powell asking me to wear a blonde wig and talk to him in a British accent. <read more>

Thanks for the Memories
Dennis Mancini, Snare
Here are some memories that have made my dream come true to march on the field once again, this time with the Renegades. In random order: Treasure Island practice site = Paradise. Awesome cymbal charts in the opener = Intense. Tenor line masters wicked licks in drum solo = Sweet. Snare line smokes 6 count exposed roll in drum solo ripping earsplitting crack on release echoing throughout stadium during prelims = Bingo. <read more>

What does Seven mean to me?
Lisalisamomeesa Johnson, Guard
The Second Bullet Time comes around and I hop in the drill. Next thing I know..I'M RUNNING!!! And I'm keeping up with everyone! Alisha is frantically reminding me "Don't go flat! Don't go flat!" meaning, not to forget and try to put my weight on a flat, injured foot. Finish the work, do the toss POSE! I'm done. I can do it! I look up in the stands, color guard staff is giving me a thumbs up. I'M IN! <read more>

I'm not ready for it to be over
Anne Bragstad, Mellophone
I have been procrastinating writing this article for the last couple of weeks. I guess because it is hard to summarize the season when you are not ready for it to be over. DCA was an amazing experience for me this year. Deplaning in San Jose and having to say goodbye at the airport left a hole in my heart. But, I digress...<read more>

Behind the Shades: Irina Doliov
In this edition of Behind the Shades, we talk to Irina Doliov, a first-year member of our cymbal line. In the following interview, she talks about her Russian heritage, her marriage and a little thing called Crunchy Frog (shhh...) <meet Irina>

2003 Banquet of Good and Evil
Sunday October 26, 2003
The Official Renegade Banquet will commence at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 26th and costs $40 per person. It will be a semi-formal, sit-down luncheon accompanied with awards, the exclusive and controversial 2003 Renegades DCA Finals Performance, as well as many other loud and eventful surprises. The Renegades banquet is open to anyone who pays the 40 bucks.<get banquet info>

  In Memory - Mickey Petrone
Renegades respectfully acknowledge the passing of a drum corps legend. Rest in peace Michael "Mickey" Petrone.

Join the Renegades in 2004!
The Renegades are currently accepting applications for new members for the 2004 season. We plan to be the best Renegades corps EVER! Don't put it off any longer - this year could be YOUR year!

Send us an email to tell us you are interested and then join us at Open House on November 2, 2003 from 1 to 5pm. Our web site has full info about joining the Renegades.

QTDCA 2003 Media:

Techno Renegades:
MTV-style video by Chris Nalls featuring footage by Jay Lee.

Photo Slideshow:
Famed drum corps photographer Francesca Colombini's moments from DCA weekend.

Audio of Prelims/Finals:
Homemade MP3s to keep you happy until the CDs are available.

Video of Finals:
An online video of our finals performance to keep you happy until the DVDs are ready.

Meet the Staff
This issue's featured staff member is Renegades president, percussion caption head, Lionel Richie fanatic and lawyer run-amok Lee Rudnicki.

Lee started his drum corps career as a snare drummer with the Reading Buccaneers in 1983. He then marched with the Crossmen in 1984 and 1985, the Garfield Cadets in 1986, and the Santa Clara Vanguard in 1987 and 1988. After aging out, Lee was a member of the SCV percussion staff off and on until 1995. He joined the Renegades in 1999 as a drum instructor and has been with the corps ever since.

Lee lives in San Francisco with his wife Rumiko and their dog Buzz.

Read Lee's 107 Random DCA Memories.

Drum Corps is Evil:
The most controversal shirt in drum corps can be yours!
The looks you'll get while wearing this shirt are priceless.

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One of the best parts of the DCA experience is the Individual and Ensemble competition. This year we won 27 medals, including the coveted minicorps championship, and fielded one of the most controversial ensembles ever, the infamous Crunchy Frog. See photos from the evil evening.

Did you know there were two California senior corps represented at DCA 2003? A big congrats to SoCal Dream! Their contra ensemble and minicorps rocked!

pro*markRenegades proudly use Pro-Mark percussion equipment.

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