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Chris's Corner: 2003 was quite a year
Chris Nalls, Director

2003 was quite a year, but just wait until 2004!!

Our trip to DCA was just that - a TRIP. The corps was on a mission, and their showing at prelims confirmed it. When the corps finished the show, a member or the audience asked me where I thought we would place. My response was, "after that performance, who cares!?!"

We went backfield to take pictures, and everyone was very excited after such a great show and incredible audience response. When our score was posted to the scoreboard, I was looking at our bass drummers, who had incredulous looks on their faces. They told me that our score was 93.85. I did not believe them.

But they were correct, and the Renegades went on to take 4th in prelims. That night, the Minicorps won their second championship in two attempts, and the Renegades won an unprecedented 27 medals in the Individual and Ensemble competition. Saturday night also saw the debut of the most talked about group at DCA (after the Renegades and the Caballeros, who won). I refer to none other than...


Crunchy Frog. They were, without a doubt the most enjoyable act of the night. And it was great to see a group made up of seven different drum corps come together as friends and as performers.

Sunday was another great day, from the patch ceremony until the busses left for the airport. Finals was another great show, and in true Renegade style, the corps was hit with a controversial penalty that dropped us from 4th place to 6th. The corps took it in stride, with all of the members arguing that the penalty was theirs. But we all know...

It was ME in  '03.

So now, we are home and planning for the 2004 season. Every year since 1999, the Renegades have shown incredible improvement from year to year. 2004 will be no different.

In 2003, we established ourselves as contenders.

In 2004, we plan to be the best corps on the field at DCA.

Of course, this means that we have to be at the top of our game. And that is the plan. Starting on November 2nd at 1pm (location to be determined... watch the web site), we will continue our march to greatness. Prospective and returning members should be in contact with the staff, who will be ready to challenge us all for the coming year.

Of course, the plan is to make 2004 even more fun than 2003. But more about that later. For now, keep those chops up, exercise that body of yours, and get ready for the best season of our lives. The 2004 schedule will be very similar to 2003 with one important ingredient - the focus will be on excellence from day one.

As Lee says, "2004 is going to make 2003 look like 2002!"

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