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Thanks For The Memories, Renegades
Dennis Mancini, Snare

Here are some memories that have made my dream come true to march on the field once again, this time with the Renegades.

In random order:

Treasure Island practice site = Paradise.

Awesome cymbal charts in the opener = Intense.

Tenor line masters wicked licks in drum solo = Sweet.

Snare line smokes 6 count exposed roll in drum solo ripping earsplitting crack on release echoing throughout stadium during prelims = Bingo.

Great vibes all rehearsal finals day = Tears.

Fan appreciation for corps reaches thundering roar at end of show = Evil.

Color guard rifle throws perfect seven during Matrix = OMG

Matrix Reloaded body movement reaches black belt proportions = Bottle Dance.

Funniest thing I heard all year was during a mid summer rehearsal when the snare line barfed so badly all over the 6-count snare roll in the Matrix that it sounded like the noise you hear on a dial up modem. Lee R. was standing by and causually said, "You've got mail" = Genius.

Our prelim score announcement, to our disbelief = Whoa!?

Silence in the stadium during quiet parts of show = Nirvana.

Corps finds every excuse to sing no matter where we are = Bonding.

Meeting several people in person I have only known online = Special.

Renegod tattoo on color guard shoulders = Flattered.

Fantasy of watching Dave Leon spin on a lazy susan during Matrix = Bullet Time.

Shouting in show, "Who needs DCI?" = EVERYONE.

I &E 's Ten snare drummer's 60 plus years old wearing red polos and white shoes throwing down classic rudiments = I had no idea that even existed.

Battery warm up before finals during down pour with steamed up shades = Focus.

Watching Cabs for first time live and getting all jacked up = Holy swinging arms!

Brigs horn line playing beautiful heart-warming ballad to Empire during retreat = Class.

Sleeping peacefully while four other snares jam on pads until 3:00 am in the hotel room = Fun.

Reading Lesa Momeesa's story about what it means to be a Renegade = Nailed

Horn line semi-circle on practice field day of finals = Supersonic

Color guard performing show on track while corps sits in bleachers = Arrrrg!

Mini Woodstock = Crunchy Frog.

Member patches being passed out = 7

Contrabago pulling doughnuts around the corps busses in the parking lot after I&E = Chaos.

Getting to design the program covers for DCA = Thanks to Tom P. and Lesa B.

Promark sending something like 3,000 pairs of pit mallets and a box full of snare sticks preseason and all I wanted was matching sticks bags for the snare line = For the lame duck of g..d.

French horn megaphones = Very cool.

Letter X = Cheese

2 out of 4 snares fall asleep sitting up in Denny's before food is served after finals = Both have new twins.

Penalty - 1 point. = Sorry about that.

Loud boo response to our placement at finals = Bubbles.

Having a truly dedicated 1st class staff who created the most kick ass show in several decades = I love you guys, thanks.

Members who I consider some of the most passionate, talented and dedicated people I have ever had the fine pleasure of marching on the field with = Drum corps freaks.

Wax on = Wax off.

Dennis Mancini AKA The Snapettes Mom

P.S. Thanks to all for making a dream come true. See you next year.


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