Nov 26, 2003
Volume 2, Issue 2
San Francisco, CA
News from the 50
Welcome to 2004
New DVD Features Documentary Film
2004 Show Announced
Random Thoughts from November Camp
2004 Open House (Censored)
November Camp: 2004 Begins
One Guard Member's Perspective
Meet the Staff: Scott Johnson
Welcome to 2004
Anne Bragstad, Editor
AnneThis year the Renegades will partake in another magical journey filled with fluffy bunnies and happy sunshines … NOT! We’ve already started steam rolling towards DCA with our most successful first season camp ever! The horn line and drum line are almost filled, color guard is overflowing, and the pit and honor guard have seen the most members to date … period. The horn line received, read and performed through the first seven minutes of the show. The drum line joined the horn line to play through the first half of the opener. This is a show like no other in the world, and the full corps is just twitterpatted with excitement! <read more>

New DVD Features Documentary Film
By Filmmaker Jay Lee
DVDThe documentary film "Red Skies at Night," chronicles the 2003 Renegades as they travel from California to compete at the DCA World Championships in Scranton Pennsylvania. From the airport to their final performance, "Red Skies at Night" follows the corps as they emerge as the newest powerhouse on the DCA circuit. With plenty of behind the scenes footage, this video shows what it takes, and what it means, to be a Renegade. <read more>

2004 Show Announced
Goodbye Blue Skies: The Triumph of Evil
Show Renegades announced their field show production for the 2004 season at their November 2nd open house. Lee Rudnicki, Renegades President and 2004 Show Coordinator, introduced the show concept; “Goodbye Blue Skies: The Triumph of Evil,” to a capacity filled auditorium of over 130 returning corps members and prospective new members at the 2004 Open House. <press release>

Random Thoughts from November Camp
LeeLee Rudnicki, President/Show Coordinator
Until I walked in on the brass rehearsal, I thought the drum line was the most improved section. That award is apparently going to be a dogfight between all three sections until the end of the season this year. Cool beans. <read more>

2004 Open House (Censored)
Dennis Mancini, Snare
Dennis Today is one of the more important days that I have been really excited about. The corps has taken a short break off from a very impressive 2003 season last summer. Now, with momentum reaching a fever pitch, I believe today’s turnout for the Renegades 2004 open house should not disappoint. <read more>

November Camp: 2004 Begins
The place where it all begins. Over 60 brass made their way through eight minutes of music, with time off for basics with visual guru Dave Watrous and his staff of evil geniuses. The drum line was treated to two days with percussion superstaffers Scott Johnson, Dave DiLullo, Kent Cater, Paul Marr and Lee Rudnicki. The pit spent time learning from Ed Teleky (with Josh Powell). And the 40-plus potential members of the guard worked with Carol Abohatab, Kathy Pearson, Ron Frost and Julie Liedtke. The intensity level was so high that the remark was made, “Has anyone told the Renegades it’s only November?". <see photos>

One Guard Member’s Perspective
By Eric Lopez, Color Guard
Eric"On the field, from San Francisco, California, performing their 2004 show, ‘Goodbye Blue Skies: the Triumph of Evil,’ the San Francisco Renegades!" These are the words that will reverberate across football fields next summer, and what follows is 10 minutes of pure Evil, brought to you by Loud and the Renegades. I’m looking forward to this year’s season, and being part of one of the best drum and bugle corps ever. <read more>

Meet the Staff: Scott Johnson
ScottBefore his fifth birthday, Scott joined the Royalairs Drum and Bugle Corps and remained with the unit until he joined The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps at age 18. He was a marching member with The Blue Devils from 1976 through 1979. He became a member of The Blue Devils staff as a Percussion instructor from 1978 through 1989 and later rejoined the organization in 1994 as Director of Percussion and Percussion Arranger. <read more>

2003 Video Now Available:
The ultimate holiday gift, this special edition video contains Renegades 2003 at Drum Corps Associates World Championships, a documentary by filmmaker Jay Lee and a variety of short features, including the infamous debut of the Crunchy Frog Cymbal Ensemble. All for only $20! (DVD or VHS)

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Tax Time is approaching - your gift to the Renegades will help pay for much needed percussion equipment, horns and guard uniforms. Don't delay - send a donation today. We will give you a letter certifying your gift to the corps, which you can use to claim a tax deduction for 2003. <read more>

A New Online Store
Renegades kick off the holiday shopping season with a vastly improved online store. Not only do we have new items, like the 2003 Renegades DVD and CD, now you can order multiple items, and pay only one shipping fee!
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Still Time to Join: Don't let the 2004 season pass you by. Send us an email to tell us you are interested and then join us at Treasure Island on December 13 and 14. Our web site has full info about joining the Renegades.

QTDCA 2003 Media on our web site:

Techno Renegades:
MTV-style video by Chris Nalls featuring footage by Jay Lee.

Photo Slideshow:
Famed drum corps photographer Francesca Colombini's moments from DCA weekend.

Audio of Prelims/Finals:
Homemade MP3s of our performance in Scranton.

Video of Finals:
An online video of our finals performance in Scranton (preview of what's on the DVD).

A History of Drum & Bugle Corps Vol II: The incredible volume two of this treasure is now available from our friends at DrumCorpsWorld with expanded senior corps coverage.

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