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Renegades 2003 Video Yearbook DVD Available NOW in the Renegades Store.
Renegades 2003 Video Yearbook features Documentary Film

The 2003 Renegades are a corps to remember. And we caught a lot of it on film. The 2003 Video yearbook takes the viewer from the first competition of the season through the Renegades fourth California State Championship and all the way to the 2003 DCA World Championships.

Available on DVD or VHS, the Renegades Video Yearbook has 90 minutes of shows and shorts, including the 2003 World Champion Renegades Minicorps and the infamous Crunchy Frog … Shhhhhh! But the highlight of this collection is “Red Skies at Night,” by documentary filmmaker Jay Lee.

The documentary film "Red Skies at Night," chronicles the 2003 Renegades as they travel from California to compete at the DCA World Championships in Scranton Pennsylvania. From the airport to their final performance, "Red Skies at Night" follows the corps as they emerge as the newest powerhouse on the DCA circuit. With plenty of behind the scenes footage, this video shows what it takes, and what it means, to be a Renegade.

"Following the 2003 Renegades was an amazing experience,” says independent filmmaker Jay Lee, director of “Red Skies at Night.” "The corps gave me virtually unlimited access and shared both the highs and lows of this remarkable experience. I think anyone who ever marched will feel a kinship with the Renegades and recognize the level of personal commitment it takes to be a performer at this level."

The documentary begins with the trip to Scranton as the corps begins to focus on prelims, the most important show of their season. The dramatic results and corps reactions are captured along with some “members only” special moments. The excitement of the Renegades final performance, along with the surprising finish, makes “Red Skies at Night” a must-see for any drum corps fan.

The 2003 Renegades video yearbook and similar offerings from the 2002 and 2001 seasons are available at the Renegades’ online store at

DVD Contents:

- Red Skies at Night: A Documentary by Jay Lee
- 2003 DCA Finals
- Crunchy Frog!
- Minicorps
- California State Championships
- DCA Music Video
- Chinese New Year Parade
- DCA Slideshow

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