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Welcome to 2004
Anne Bragstad, Editor

AnneWelcome to the Renegades Newsletter for the 2004 Season!

Thanks to everyone for their readership over the past year. It has meant a lot to us to be able to communicate our time, commitment and energy with you throughout the season.

Our Grand Poobah, Dave Leon, has stepped down as Newsletter Editor this year. He is constantly busy working, doing small town theater productions while continuing on the Renegades Visual Staff, and hopefully finding time to spend with his fiancé, Jen Volturno, Renegades Promotions Manager. Best of luck to you Dave and Jen, we’ll miss you here at the Newsletter, but hopefully you’ll pop your head in and say “Hi” from time to time!

This year the Renegades will partake in another magical journey filled will fluffy bunnies and happy sunshines … NOT! We’ve already started steam rolling towards DCA with our most successful first season camp ever! The horn line and drum line are almost filled, color guard is overflowing, and the pit and honor guard have seen the most members to date … period. The horn line received, read and performed through the first seven minutes of the show. The drum line joined the horn line to play through the first half of the opener. This is a show like no other in the world, and the full corps is just twitterpatted with excitement!

I can’t tell you too much now, you’ll just have to keep reading to find out more!!

I am excited all the columnists from last year will be writing again, and some new aspiring writers have joined the staff to take up some of the burden of writing every month! This will bring a new perspective, while allowing you a glimpse into their Renegade lives. Becides, it’s always fun to meet new people!

So, keep reading … so many new things will be happening to all of us this year, and the fastest way to keep in the know is to read frequently and often!


~Anne Bragstad
Newsletter Editor

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