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Random Thoughts from Renegades November Camp
Lee Rudnicki, President and Show Coordinator

1. For the record, I'm almost speechless after this camp. Maybe stunned silly might be a better description.

2. HORNLINE: Most talent we've ever had. By far. I think we're looking for one or two sops and maybe a contra, if he or she can play their ### off. As with any corps, the numbers will fluctuate early, so if you play any horn, and are thinking about marching, come to the December camp. Since the 2004 mission is ultra-clean, the horns already have 8.5 minutes of music in their hands, and will finish the show in December. Don't wait -- you'll miss the opportunity to be in the greatest Renegade horn line ever.

3. GUARD: 42 on the roster for 32 spots + a guard staff of maniacs. Evil.

4. PIT: For the first time ever, numerous pit players came out of the woodwork (finally!). Wanted: One mallet player ... maybe two if Calvin becomes the Morpheus DM. With Josh Powell.

5. BATTERY: Our drummers did not know what to expect with the recent drum staff reconfiguration, but quickly figured out the 04 mission is ultra-clean. After 8 hours of relentless rehearsal run by Scott Johnson, Dave Dillulo, Kent Cater and Paul Marr, it looked like a different drum line at Saturday Night's ensemble rehearsal. Next camp, SCV Caption Head Murray Gusseck joins the mix. Currently at 8 snares, 3 tenors, 3 cyms, we're still looking for one or two talented drummers for each position, especially tenors. Bass line appears one member past full, but is not formally set yet. With Josh Powell.

6. MOST IMPROVED SECTION: Until I walked in on the brass rehearsal, I thought the drum line was the most improved section. That award is apparently going to be a dogfight between all three sections until the end of the season this year. Cool beans...

Lee contemplates Sprint's latest marketing campaign.
7. SEVEN. Shout out to Renegade percussion "Auditionee" Vk Garry, who showed up in a red #7 football jersey to the camp. Heh.

8. NEW TEAM MEMBERS: Special shout out #2, and Welcome to the Team, to our new additions to the Renegades staff -- Dave Monachello, Jeff Pearson, Ron Frost, Larrie Dastrup (back again), Scott Johnson, Clint Matsen, Paul Marr and Ed Teleky (kinda, he went from pit guy to berserker horn and pit guy). Hope I didn't miss anyone. With Josh Powell ... (not technically new, but under the terms of his contract, we have to list Josh anytime the Renegades staff is listed).

9. 2004 SHOW. Prepare for ear melting excitement + ultra clean.

2004 is gonna make 2003 look like 2002.

Thanks for reading,


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