Dec 19, 2003
Volume 2, Issue 3
San Francisco, CA
News from the 50
December Camp = Huge Success
Looking Forward, Looking Back
December Camp: Brass Book Finished
A Pit Perspective
Brassed Off
One Guard Member's Perspective
Behind the Shades: Rich Skare
December Camp = Huge Success
Anne Bragstad, Editor
Anne The Renegades made it through the December Camp this past weekend and accomplished amazing things. The horn line has the full book in their hot little hands! The drum line cranked through the opener, and the pit through the first drum solo. Color guard had an even larger attendance than last camp!! Our writers this month will take you through their detailed views of the weekend’s rehearsals with stories you will love to hear.<read more>

Looking Forward, Looking Back
Chris Nalls, Director
ChrisWe have a variety of exciting events to share with you. The first event of the 2004 season will be the annual San Francisco Chinese New Years’ Parade. This is where we invite anyone and everyone to join the Renegades for a day and march the fun parade. Winding it's way through the streets of the city on Saturday night, February 7th, the parade is the largest celebration of its kind in the world, attracting over three million spectators and television viewers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Asia. And you can perform with us!<read more>

December Camp: Brass Book Finished!
DecDecember was a huge camp for the Renegades.  Much work went into having the entire musical book learned and played before the year ends. We welcomed new staff member John Meehan with a full book and a lot of horns. The teaming of Blue Devils caption head Scott Johnson with SCV caption head Murray Gusseck was a highlight for percussion, and the guard just doesn't know what to do with all those people!! <see photos and video montage>

A Pit Perspective
MAV, Pit
MavNew pitsters were getting to know the latest keyboardist, Keirsten who by day works as a teacher. Her presence replaced Calvin who moved into a coveted DM spot. On Sunday, we said ‘hello’ to Angie (keyboard) who flew out from Phoenix, AZ for just ONE day of rehearsal. Her marching band whooped it up in Palm Springs Saturday night. We greeted Kelli sporting a new pixie haircut, toting mega-blocks, and hauling a Lego-rack created by a good friend. (Note: Got Duplos? Bring ‘em on in!) <read more>

Brassed Off
Lani Matsen, French Horn
LaniOne of the things that brought me to Renegades, was the promise of marching and playing with a quality horn line. This promise was never more evident to me than it was this past weekend. From the outset of the rehearsal, all the sections dialed in to the instruction of Ed Teleky and Clint Matsen as they worked through part four of the show. The new parts were exiting and driving. For the horn line, it was the first time we all got to work through the new ending for the show together. For my part, practice became almost all consuming at that point. Breaks…no longer mattered.<read more>

One Guard Member’s Perspective
Eric Lopez, Color Guard
EricThe December Camp was a phenomenal success for the 2004 Renegades Color Guard. With over 25 members returning for another season, and an extremely talented group of new members, this year’s Renegades Color Guard is out to thrill and excite the eyes of the audience with our unique blend of movement, motion, and color. <read more>

Behind the Shades: Rich Skare
Dave Leon, Visual Staff
Rich In this edition of Behind the Shades, we profile Rich Skare, contra player, hype master and one of the most popular members of the Renegades. He chatted with us about his junior and senior corps experiences and what's in store this year with the Renegades.<read more>

In Memory of Eric Frolkey
Eric Frolkey 1970-2003
Eric Frolkey had a profound love of the drum corps activity, and he gave 100% effort each and every time he stepped onto the field. His family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the San Francisco Renegades.

The Renegades have created the "Eric Frolkey Memorial Fund" to pay the 2004 tour and membership fees of Eric's sister who is in the Renegades' colorguard (and whose fees Eric himself was going to pay), and will use the remainder to start a scholarship fund for Renegades who need financial assistance. <more info>

JacketsBlanket Drive: Thanks to the many generous Renegades who helped us collect nine large bags of blankets and jackets for San Francisco's homeless. An increase from seven bags last year!.

Twas the Night Before Finals:
'‘Twas the night before finals
And all through the Corps
The buzz was “we made it!”
And wanted some more!
<read more>

Random Math and Trivia from Renegades December Camp.
Lee Rudnicki

• Date of first brass run through of 2004 season = 12/14/03

• Corporate Endorsement Offers made to the Renegades in the last seven days = 4

• American Legion Sponsorships attained in the last seven days = 1

• Guard members = 48

• Number of continents from which people currently buy Renegades merchandise = 3

• Subscribers to Renegade newsletter = 614+

• Avg. unique visitors to Renegades website per day = 638.97

• Estimated date to start learning 2004 drill = 1/17/04

• Renegades Math Conclusion #1. Ultra LOUD + Ultra Clean = 2004 is going to make 2003 look like 2002.

• Renegades Math Conclusion #2 = Renegades 2004 proceeding according to plan.

American LegionAmerican Legion:
Renegades are thrilled to gain a sponsorship with American Legion Post #1 in San Francisco, CA.

Still Time to Join: Don't let the 2004 season pass you by. Send us an email to tell us you are interested and then join us at Treasure Island on January 13 and 14. Our web site has full info about joining the Renegades.

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