Jan 28, 2004
Volume 2, Issue 4
San Francisco, CA
News from the 50
Letter from the Editor
Random Thoughts from January Camp
Welcome to February
Weekend Events in Reverse Order
Brassed Off
Steps Ahead
Behind the Shades: Mistress Kelli
Words with Seven Letters
Letter from the Editor
Anne Bragstad, Editor
AnneI bring you the January newsletter to your e-mail boxes with excitement and joy. After what feels like forever since our last camp … we were all excited to reconvene at our beloved island to see friends and family and do what we love to do. This year is all about pushing everything we have ever done ... the show ... the book ... the drill. Yes Drill – In January!! While the corps out east are practicing with temperature well below zero, Renegades met for 65 degree weather on a beautiful sunny weekend. It does not get much better than that. <read more>

Random Thoughs from January Camp
Lee Rudnicki, Show Coordinator/President
ChrisThis weekend's rehearsal camp went well. Unfortunately, throwing a new drum solo, parade tune and cadence at the drum line all in one week definitely showed. The drummers need some time at home to catch up. The 2004 show, Goodbye Blue Skies, is coming together extremely well. We did three run-throughs on Saturday, put the first few sets of drill on the field on Sunday, and figured out what needs to be edited. The end of this year's show is very, very different than last year's, but hey -- we start this year's show with the end of last year's show (literally), so it's all good.
<read more>

Welcome to February?
DecThe Renegades took to the field to begin learning drill. The hornline continued to work at firming up the book while enjoying the great sound of a matched set of Kanstul horns. The drums pushed on - learning 3 new pieces of music. And the guard hid out in their secret rehearsal spot, continuing their steady progress to greatness. All of this moved Show Coordinator Lee Rudnicki to proclaim that it was actually February.<see photos>

Weekend Events in Reverse Order
Dennis Mancinni, Snare
MavThe camp ended early. Why the heck not? Although, I thought we were going to have to take a vote on it. Everybody is very much into the book. In fact, some boy'z from the hood hanging by the bus stop across the street busted out and started to mosh when we played the ending to last years show. The snare line gave them the nod while sporting wry grins. <read more>

Brassed Off
Dave Landers, Baritone
Lani“Welcome to February” was the running joke this weekend. Indeed, it is true that it is only January, but with the way this corps played AND moved this weekend under a beautiful sunny sky and 65-degree days, one might be lured into thinking it was April.<read more>

Steps Ahead
Eric Lopez, Color Guard
The January Camp proved that the members of the Renegades Color Guard are having a Happy New Year. With section leaders Veronica Nickel and Misty Reese, we are well on our way to what will no doubt be a very exciting season for ourselves and of course, our audience! With it still being relatively early in the season, it is pretty incredible to see how quickly this year’s guard has improved, and how we’ve all grown just a little closer to each other as a family after this camp. <read more>

Behind the Shades: Mistress Kelli
Dave Leon, Visual Staff
In this edition of Behind the Shades, we get personal with Kelli Giles, better known as "Mistress Kelli." In the following interview, she talks about her Freelancer days, Arnold Schwarzenegger and saying goodbye to a dear friend.<read more>

Words with Seven Letters…
Ability, Acclaim, Achieve, Acquire, Advance, Amazing, Amusing, Animate, Applaud, Bizarre, Carouse, Chutzpa, Comical, Command, Commend, Company, Comrade, Concern, Console, Control, Craving, Curious, Debauch, Delight, Diehard, Dignify, Ecstasy, Elevate, Emotion, Enliven, Envious, Evilest, Extreme, Fanatic, Feeling, Fortify, Friends, Frolics, Genuine, Glorify, Gratify, Hearten, Inspect, Inspire, Inspirit, Jealous, Leisure, Lighten, Lionize, Mastery, Nomadic, Observe, Ovation, Passion, Perplex, Prepare, Prevail, Purpose, Radical, Rapture, Reflect, Refresh, Rejoice, Relieve, Retinue, Satisfy, Society, Strange, Stupefy, Succeed, Success, Support, Sustain, Tambour, Therapy, Triumph, Trouble, Unusual, Victory.

The Renegades 2004 season explodes onto the scene on February 7, 2004 as they take to the streets of San Francisco in the Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade. Celebrating their fourth consecutive year participating in this historic cultural event, the Renegades once again extend an invitation to drum corps members worldwide to join in the festivities, become a Renegade for a Day and march the parade with the “ones in black.”

Renegades Parade Info

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Have you heard?
The Renegades 2003 CD

From the open house through the controversial penalty at DCA Championships, the 2003 Renegades proved to be a corps to remember. Enjoy these recordings, including our DCA finals show, Loud Music Symposium 4 and the 2003 World Champion Minicorps, featuring Murray Gusseck on Drumset.

April 25, 2003 at 3pm
Herbst Theatre
401 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tickets: $15

The return of Northern California's most exciting musical experience! Join the Renegades and their musical guests at the spectacular Herbst Theatre in the heart of San Francisco for the concert event of the spring!

Goodbye Blue Skies:

• 35 ml Cointreau
• 35 ml Sky Vodka
• Crushed Ice
• 35 ml Blue Curacao
• Fill with Seven-Up

Mixing instructions:
Simply follow the order above, pouring directly into the glass. Garnish with a slice of orange on the glass.

The cointreau, vodka and ice should create a cloudy effect (precipitates) with the bubbles in the seven-up and rise to the top of the glass... blue skies!!

 **7** Renegades reminds you to drink responsibly.  Especially at practice!!

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