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Letter from the Editor
by Anne Bragstad

AnneHey everyone!

February was a busy month for the corps. The Chinese New Years Day Parade was a great success this year!! Approximately 40 people came to join us from all over the U.S. including members of the Caballeros, Brigadiers, Empire Statesmen, Minnesota Brass, Buccaneers, Govenaires, Gulf Coast Sound, SoCal Dream, Tremendous Blast and a contingent of 12 from Seattle's own Brass from the Past! The corps grew to 162 members for the parade and being placed first in the lineup, we made a remarkable parade showing with a long air-time on local TV. The best part about the parade is just seeing the millions of people who come out to see the parade in person. It is definitely the largest turn out of people anywhere, including the Rose Bowl Parade this year. AND … it didn’t rain this year! YEAH!!

After we finished the parade, we all headed over to Chevy’s for dinner, beverages and good times. I got to sit with a couple Brass from the Past guys and the Gulf Coast Sound guy and just talked about corps marketing and the technicalities of how to build a corps from nothing to something. It made for great conversation and fun watching Mark (GCS guy) drink a margarita out of his Mellophone!! (See the pics and videos on the CNYDP page!)

Between the parade and this past weekend’s camp, we had a horn sectional to work hard on the music we haven’t had time to hit lately; Part 3 and Part 4. There’s some killer sections in those parts, and it will take us more sectional time to get them wailin’, but we just get so excited as a line to play that stuff … over and over again! Even just playing the opener, the horn line is juiced! That excitement leads to great things, including some amazing players in our corps show casing their talent and leaving the rest of the line in awe. We just keep thinking towards the future and realizing this summer is incomprehensible right now. Blue Skies the limit!

This leads me to camp this past weekend. Our web staff has worked quickly to bring you pics and mp3’s from the weekend. We had a great weekend of drill with some music work thrown in for kicks. The horn line barreled through 21 pages of drill, with the drum line close behind. We worked through the opener and got out a couple of remaining music kinks. For February, I think the full corps and staff feel we are in a great place! That’s all I’m going to say about that, I’ll leave it up to the writers to share their stories …

The next big thing coming up for us is Loud Music Symposium on April 25th. This year the show will be at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco, which is a great location for a spring concert! The artist line up is pretty exciting this year! No, Eddie the Rat won’t be there this year … but performances from Krenshaw, Punk Rock Orchestra, Blue Devils B and C, Raiders Dance Company, Serena Lauren, Fever Drum & Bugle Corps, Outgrabe, River City Regiment, Joe Pero, Stewart Tartan Pipes and Drums, and of course San Francisco Renegades will titillate your eardrums. The show starts at 3 p.m.; doors will open at 2 p.m. Parking is close by and very easy to find! Tickets are now available online for $15 with Reserved Seating! Get them now before they sell out!! You won’t want to miss this show!

Thanks for reading!


~ Anne Bragstad
Newsletter Editor

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