Mar 10, 2004
Volume 2, Issue 5
San Francisco, CA
News from the 50
Letter from the Editor
Random Notes: February Camp #2
Farewell, Treasure Island
Here to Play!
Brassed Off
One Guard Member's Perspective
Behind the Shades
Did I Mention It Is Only February?
San Francisco
Letter from the Editor
Anne Bragstad, Editor
Anne February was a busy month for the corps. The Chinese New Years Day Parade was a great success this year!! The corps grew to 162 members for the parade and being placed first in the lineup, we made a remarkable parade showing with a long air-time on local TV. The best part about the parade is just seeing the millions of people who come out to see the parade in person. <read more>

Random notes: February Camp #2
Lee Rudnicki, Show Coordinator/President
Goodbye Blue Skies begins dark and evil and literally continues the battle between Good and Evil in 2003 Red Skies at Night. After the nuclear intro, Goodbye Blue Skies goes into fast mixed meter and drill forms that will take a few camps to clean, but will be awesome when it locks. A few pathway tweaks are needed, but everything works well conceptually. Very exciting to see this much drill on the field with 60+ horns. <read more>

Farewell, Treasure Island
Renegades Web Team
Treasure IslandThe corps camps at Treasure Island for the last time, but has the greatest camp yet. Three minutes plus of drill, more music time, a session with Performance Coach Shirley Dorritie and the guard welcomed top designer Chad Duggan for the weekend. And Randy, born on February 29th, 1964, celebrated his tenth Birthday. <see photos and hear mp3s>

"Here to Play"
Christina Mav-Dempsey, Anti-Pit
With Ed Teleky in town, us poor slobs in the Anti-Pit knew it was going to be a challenging two days, but we were up to the task. Ed, a brilliant composer and a hard taskmaster, will catch you on a good performance as well as poor. It is his music. He knows how it is supposed to sound. I've learned so much from this man: No excuses. Retain direction. But more than anything, his words to me last year have been engrained: "You are here to play."<read more>

Brassed Off
Lani Matsen, French Horn
Saturday dawned a cool and clear morning, a good day for marching. After breaking into a fellow horn player's apartment to bring his horn to him in San Francisco, and picking up one up another fellow member we were on our way.<read more>

One Guard Member’s Perspective
Lisa Johnson, Color Guard
Road Rage instantly diminishes as I walk in on the most peaceful warm up known to man, it involves good music, some comfortable yoga and really tuning into our bodies. I join in and begin to feel my muscles relax. Veronica’s got her crazy socks on and suddenly all is well in the world. <read more>

Behind the Shades:
Johanna Miller
Dave Leon, Visual Staff
Johanna I
n this edition of Behind the Shades, we introduce Johanna Miller, Pit Section leader and Corps Treasurer to the world. In the following interview, she talks about growing up in Pennsylvania, drum corps, and the many extra-curricular activities that she is involved.<read more>

Did I mention it's only February?

Dave Leon, Visual Staff
  RoachThe marching guys meet at 9 a.m. Saturday to go over the 21 pages of drill Jay Murphy sent us for the weekend. There are rewrites to be taught, so we're pretty much starting from scratch...I pay particular attention to the baritones, since that's where I'll be spending most of my time. <read more>


Loud Music Symposium 5

April 25, 2003 at 3pm
Herbst Theatre
401 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tickets: $15

The return of Northern California's most exciting musical experience! Join the Renegades and their musical guests at the spectacular Herbst Theatre in the heart of San Francisco for the concert event of the spring!


First 2004 Recordings:
Enjoy one of our first run-throughs of our 2004 show including a bonus standstill performance of Channel One: ReMIX.

The Renegades 2004 season exploded onto the scene on February 7, 2004 as they took to the streets of San Francisco in the Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade. Celebrating their fourth consecutive year participating in this historic cultural event, the Renegades once again extended an invitation to drum corps members worldwide to march the parade with the ones in black.

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