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Random Notes re: Renegades February Camp #2, Crunchy Frog, 49ers etc.
by Lee Rudnicki

Music: Drum roll, followed by evil cymbal ensemble throwing cymbals onto pavement, as giant chicken and other assorted Crunchy Frog characters look on...

Preliminary Issue. First, on behalf of the San Francisco Renegades, I hereby uncategorically deny the allegations that our computer team secretly hacked into a certain East Coast DCA corps website last week. Really. Peace.

Still here now? OK. On with the show.

** Feb. Camp #2 Report. **

1. Drum Line. Improved. With Josh Powell.

2. Horn Line. Improved. And a stupid amount of talent. And I mean that in a good way. See #8

3. Renegades Red Star: Steve Proud, Mayor

Directions: Turn stereo knob to 11

[insert evil music here]

4. Def Con 2. The guard uniform sketches stunned the rest of the staff at the lunch meeting. Ed Teleky almost choked on his Diet Coke. Attention Group. Envelope pushed.

Music: off

Audience: Stunned

Staff: Stunned

Ed: Cough cough cough... Hack.

5. Oscar Comment #1. Bill Murray should have won an Oscar for Lost in Translation. With Josh Powell.

Audience: Polite applause

6. Drill: Pro: Drum line has 14 pages done, horn line has even more. Guard starts drill after WGI. Con: Temperature on Treasure Island approximately two levels below really freakin cold and windy. Not enough hours in the day on camp weekends.

7. Def Con 3. For lunch on Sunday, Chris had a square yellow omlet ... that looked exactly like Sponge Bob on a plate. True story. If there are suddenly no more Sponge Bob cartoons, I know who is gonna get sued by Nickelodeon.

8. #2 was not hype. I am absolutely amazed by talent level of the horn players this year, and of the people who stand in front of them. Amazed.

9. Cymbal spot open. Attention Irina. Phone home ET.

10. Apparently, Crunchy Frog needs to actually play some music this year to compete as a DCA minicorps. Any ideas for tunes? Start thinking about your character now. 2004 Crunchy Frog minicorps sign-up coming soon.

11. Renegades: Trying to figure out how to get to the Dekalb show this summer. Really.

12. Feb. Camp #2 Staff Member MVPs: Lord of the Rings! No, wait. Sorry. Wrong show. This weekend's Staff MVP Award goes to Scott Johnson and Shirley Dorritie. Guys teaching drill a close second.

13. More than a few members after-rehearsal mission on Sat. night: Hooters

14. 49ERS: Get Terrell Owens off the team. Talent or not, he did nothing but point fingers for the last two years. You need team chemistry to win, and he ain't it. Tai Streets and company, get ready. Poor Eagles.

15. Winner of Feb. Crazy Socks Award: Veronica

16. Ensemble Rehearsal (Saturday): Inside the ballroom, and jet engine loud. Difficult to get much done in the way of balance etc., but we get the horns, drums and pit on the same page, and play to a metronome. Part I rocks. The horn line plays the he## out of the show like it's July. Did I mention that one of the guys who teaches them may have accidentally killed off a famous cartoon character at lunch?

17. Ensemble Rehearsal (Sunday): Cold as Alaska. Or at least Cleveland. End of the day consisted of a standstill runthough of Part I, followed by running the first few minutes in the drill, followed by two more standstill runs. Part I rocks.

18. Show. Opens right where last year's left off, Goodbye Blue Skies begins dark and evil and literally continues the battle between Good and Evil in 2003 Red Skies at Night. After the nuclear intro, Goodbye Blue Skies goes into fast mixed meter and drill forms that will take a few camps to clean, but will be awesome when it locks. A few pathway tweaks are needed, but everything works well conceptually. Very exciting to see this much drill on the field with 60+ horns.

19. Kent Cater: On a secret mission in Asia for two months. Be safe Kent.

20. Most Improved Section: Percussion.

21. LMS 5 = April 25th

22. Bingo 7 = April 7th.

23. My favorite movie of 2003: Lost in Translation.

24. Worth Mentioning: The Widowmaker (Harrison Ford, Russ! ian sub movie)

25. Worst movie I saw in 2003: My bosses daughter. Possibly one of the worst movies in recorded history. If I was watching it in a speeding car, I might have jumped out the window just to avoid watching yet another stupid scene. lol.

the end.

Thanks for reading,


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