It’s been over a month since we got back from DCA. As usual its great to sleep in that first weekend! I think my sneakers are finally dry from Hurricane Ernesto even.
It’s that wierd part of the year when people are still being “real” people outside of drum corps and attending to the other things in life like family and work and such. I think I’m bored with real life already and I’m ready to start making my plans for next season!

I’ll admit that I was a fence sitter all the way for next year. 2006 was very hard in a lot of ways for a lot of people. I have to say though that I have definately changed my mind and I’m all for 2007. It is the year of the Renegades after all. So last year is over and its all eyes on the future. I am really excited about open house and the upcoming season.

I know that there might be a few fencer sitters reading this. 2006 is over and its definately time to move forward. Don’t be caught sitting on the sidelines this summer. . . the view is definately better from the field :)