Open House is tomorrow!

While you are enjoying our hot new website, just want to tell everyone that we are very excited for our Open House tomorrow. All sections will be getting part of their show, and I am sure we will have a great time. Please plan to stop by and check it out – we’d love to have you.

2007 is shaping up to be the best show ever for the Renegades. Brass and Percussion will be learning the opener, Dusk. This original composition by Key Poulan echoes the 2004 opener, ‘Death Theme’ by Bizet. Guard Director Mark Metzger has let me know that he has some work to teach the guard on Sunday. We have already talked through the beginning of the show with the Visual design staff, so I think that if we come out of the weekend with a solid grasp of the intro, we’ll be in great shape.

But we will be doing more than that. The Brass and Percussion will also work on Toccata, which we are retaining from our 2006 show. The corps will reprise the first minute of that production, which all agree was a highlight of last year’s production.

And finally, the Brass and Pit will get Jazz Police, the tune that was a major hit for our minicorps last year. My arrangement for the minicorps has been given a makeover in true Renegades fashion, adding in bits from Bill Chase’s ‘Open Up Wide’ and even a quote from the ‘Jetson’s Theme’.

The goal of the 2007 Renegades is simple – be the best. The best Renegades and the best corps! We plan to work harder and smarter to achieve this goal, while still having the best time ever.

Let’s Do It!!!