Congrats and Game time

Congratulations to Dave Landers and the 2010 RenePit/Bass Line for taking Gold at I&E yesterday!

Now it’s game time! 

Renegades are on at 5:49 EST … 

Rochester does not know what’s comin!



…and we’re off

Taking the show to DCA Championships in good ol’ Rochester New York!

by now most corps members are either already there or are leaving today!

Rehearsal will start tomorrow 4pm EST at Monroe Community College (Parking lots C & D)

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The corps is staying at the Double Tree

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More information on DCA Events go to

Safe travels to everyone! See you all in Rochester!

2010 Contrabego Tour

Wednesday 1:52am – the Contrabego has landed.

Tuesday 9:00pm – passed Cleveland & onto Erie, PA

Tuesday 4:20pm – Back on track, driving through South Bend, IN

Tuesday 3:29pm – and we’re lost…

Tuesday 12:34pm – White Castle for lunch, 600 miles to Rochester…

Tuesday 7:56am – Flat #1 fixed, back on the road

Tuesday 6:05am – 920 miles left…

Tuesday 2:30am – 50 miles outside Lincoln, Nebraska…still cruisin’

Monday 2:30pm – Just passed the Continental Divide

Monday 9:00am – the Contrabego is just outside Utah, gas stop #3

Monday 12:03am – cruising through Reno, 511 miles to Salt Lake City, UT

Sunday 9:03pm – gassed up, showered up & stocked up leaving Sac

Sunday 5:28pm – left San Jose headed to Sac

All packed and ready for take off!

Loadin up the trailer

hanging up the uniforms

hangin up the uniforms

is CJ taking the trailer to Rochester???

Loadin up the uniforms

Loadin Crew... Took only 77 minutes this year!

Bad boys of the low brass section making the trek to Rochester in Craig's bago

The Final Push Before Take Off…

Directions to Del Mar High School

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Evil Auction

Own a signed first edition copy of My Immortal The Vampires of Berlin by our very own Lee Rudnicki

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All proceeds will go towards Renegades DCA Championship travel fund.

How I Joined Renegades – Ray and Madge Sanchez

He was in Kingsmen, she was in Velvet Knights – both met while doing the Kingsmen Alumni Corps back in 2007 (click here to read that story) here’s how they became Renegades:
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