It’s camp weekend at Del Mar

The Renegades will be putting the finishing touches on our 2010 show this weekend at Del Mar High School in San Jose.

June 12th – 10am-10pm
June 13th – 9am-4pm

Del Mar High School
1224 Del Mar Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128-3572

Don’t spend the 2010 season on the sidelines – join California’s top all age corps for an amazing season. We have openings in the brass ad percussion sections, so send a note to and come to camp this weekend.

A must for the die hard fans…


The Trilogy DVD is a must have for any and all drum corps fanatics.

Pick up YOUR copy today and enjoy

Get ready for take off…

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend off!
Time to gear up for our next camp, where we’ll be finishing up the rest of the show. Camp will be at Del Mar High School in San Jose

We still have brass, drum and color guard openings for the summer season… Join Us!!

Saturday June 5th, 2010 – 10AM-10PM

Sunday June 6th, 2010 – 9AM-4PM

Del Mar High School
1224 Del Mar Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128-357

In Remembrance

never forget those who sacrificed their lives to preserve the freedom we cherish…

How I Joined the Renegades – Rich Skare

Rich Skare played Mellophone and Contrabass in the Renegades for ten years. Here is his story of how he came to join the corps:

After not having any affiliation with corps for a long time, I found myself at the Stockton show in 1999, just in time to see the inaugural field performance of the Renegades. “Cool, I thought to myself, that there is a senior group getting off the ground.”
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From the Archives – 2003

Images from an amazing season for the DCA Finalists and crowd favorites, the San Francisco Renegades.

Loud and Good!

Eight Renegades DCA performances in one CD set!!

For the first time, all eight of the SF Renegades’ electric DCA performances have been collected in one CD set. From the first appearance in 2002, the Trilogy years, up through the amazing 2009 show, enjoy them all.

Loud has never been so good.