Train Trek’n

As the contrabego crew was taking a break in Salt Lake City this morning, our resident bass drum twins the Heckmanns were boarding the California Zephyr.

For the second year in a row, they will be making the trip while sitting back in complete comfort. They have their own room on board the train, and I know they loaded up their ipods and PSPs with plenty of movies to keep them entertained as they watch the world go by. I had the pleasure of taking this trip with them last year, and it really is a great (and cheap!) way to see the country.

We’ll be following them along their trip as well, periodically updating you on where they are.

Update from the Contrabego!

The contrabego has been pushing strong since last nights departure, already covering 770 miles. The guys on board are having a great and taking 300 mile shifts at a time!

Here are some pictures from so far!

The begos microwave knows what time it is!

Utah Sunrise

The famous salt flats

Great Salt Lake, and the end of a 300 mile shift.

Pics from the Pack

Championship Prelims Order of Appearance

2009 DCA Championship Preliminary Contest – September 5.
Order of appearance:

Open Class:
1. Crusaders
2. Music City Legend
3. Alliance
4. CorpsVets
5. Kilties
6. Brigadiers
7. Bushwackers
8. Renegades
9. Caballeros
10. Empire Statesmen
11. Hurricanes
12. Minnesota Brass, Inc.
13. Buccaneers

Off to Rochester!

The corps had a great run-through, packed up the truck, and we’re heading to Ra-cha-cha!

Renegades Family Day – This Saturday!

If you have never seen the Renegades in August, this is a great opportunity to see us at our best before we travel 3,000 miles to compete at Drum Corps Associates Championships in Rochester, NY. The show will feature the Renegades, the Freelancers minicorps and our talented I&E performers!

This is an officially judged performance with a mix of DCA and DCI judges. We want a good crowd to cheer us on!

Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 8:00pm
Live Oak High School
1505 E Main Ave
Morgan Hill, CA

There will be a Suggested Donation of $7 for the show (DCA Gas Fund!!). The Souvie stand will also be open for business.

Please join us for this exciting evening!!

Drum Corps Associate Championships are Coming!

See you in Rochester,

- Greg

PS: Big kudos to Renegade Lee Rudnicki for making this exciting ad!